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Case Studies


Climate change and a growing global population with rising incomes mean that the world is facing unprecedented agricultural challenges in the coming decades. These pressures encourage investments in innovations that can help increase yield and reduce input and environmental costs. The Global Precision Farming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% to reach $6.43 billion by 2022. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a source of new and more productive ways to farm in recent years because of increasing affordability and ease-of-installation. The US is currently dominating this segment, with CAGR growth of 20%. Agricultural science and technology, known as ‘agri-tech’ help to offer a solution and 2017 was another record investment year for the agri-tech sector, with more than $1.5 billion deployed. Significantly, the sector saw more than 300 distinct investors and 160+ deals, contrasting the 31 deals and less than $200 million invested in 2007.

Having a special bond with agriculture, Zesium was given the opportunity to take part in this race and create Atfield application – an application which helps farmers to keep track of the condition of their grapevines and vineyards.

Atfield mobile app

Our team has developed a mobile application with clear and simple features that facilitate monitoring the condition of crops in a form of a grid which shows temperature, humidity, soil moisture, luminosity index, wind (speed, course and gust), leaves’ wetness, precipitation and atmospheric pressure. This way, farmers are given the opportunity to actively monitor crops and react in a timely manner if the data is not satisfactory. The application also shows the overall vineyard status (good, average, poor) and it serves farmers to be able to change or adjust the course of action within the agricultural labour.

Besides basic user profile (English and Serbian language), farmers are able to get notifications about the vineyard which enable them to change specific issues relevant to their future production. Push notification system was done through FireBase messaging and there are several types of notifications relevant to farmers such as weather notifications, potential changes at the field, feedback notifications (Onfield – GPS location and Offield – time triggered) and activity and disease probability notifications.

Atfield app preview

The Logbook for the farmers is one of the biggest assets within the application. Users can see the information about the vineyard and the thumbnail image of it – they can create the boxes as per their particular needs which they found very handy. The main purpose of the Logbook is to monitor agrotechnical activities at the specific field such as sowing, pruning, spraying, fertilizing and more – it gives the opportunity to farmers to devote themselves to other actions rather than keeping the track of an appropriate time for the vineyard activity.

Users also have the possibility to create feedback in a shape of a plain text and send it to the server even in offline mode since the application has the capacity to store the message in the local memory along with the timestamp until the Internet connection is established again.

Atfield is a platform which prime goal is to improve and upgrade the business of the vineyardists – people in charge of the vineyards have the possibility to report the vineyard condition to the central server and use the collected data further for various utilization – generating the reports, active monitoring of the crops’ condition and changing the course of actions if needed so to achieve increase of the crop yield.
Atfield is a unique mobile application which helps farmers to make agricultural production more efficient at each production stage (by reducing risks caused by weather conditions or diseases) and thus close their harvest season with the best agricultural output and a minimal yield gap.


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