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Peštan app preview
Peštan mobile app

Zesium has initiated and developed highly innovative solutions that substantiated our expertise and kept us on the fast track.

One of such projects was done for ‘Peštan company from Arandjelovac, Serbia – a leader in the Balkans in the production and distribution of products and solutions from the polymers.


Peštan company is constantly investing into the modernization and the improvement of their equipment in order to meet the strict requirements of the European standards as well as to be able to compete successfully with other well known producers. Zesium was given the opportunity to become a part of such modernization through a project of building a system made of three parts: a web admin application, an Android Handheld application and a backend side.

The goal of the application is to enable monitoring the usage of Zebra Handheld TC 8000 device in the work process of the company and at the same time, to allow Admin User to follow and control the process. 

Zebra Handheld TC 8000 is a new warehouse mobile computer designed to deliver productivity increase in the warehouse – it is equipped with an innovative scan angle that eliminates the constant tilting of the screen, has Mobility Extensions and SimulScan that helps easily capture labels on boxes and pallets with barcodes and much more.


Our client Peštan wanted the same result – less time to complete the job and the increased productivity. Zesium, as a technical partner, took a leading role in building a system that will help our client achieve the wanted result.   


The system for Peštan was done in three parts:

Web Admin application is used to show the analytics of Handheld device usage, send notifications and creating the usage reports. The Admin User has the chief permission to manage total capacity of the application with addition to have the ability of accessing the Dashboard of the app, where he can modify the elements and more.

Peštan mobile app
Peštan mobile app

Android Handheld application’s goal is the manage the authentication of the users as well as gathering data about the usage of the Handheld devices.

Some functionalities the Android app provides are pop up authentication alert, unlocking the device through swiping RFID card on the Handheld, verifying the User and confirming the right to access the device as well as the time the User started using the device. 

Backend was also done by Zesium and it is written in Java using Spring framework with the database in MySQL.

Today, Peštan company is referred to as a very distinctive and significant company at the international level with the focus on an export to many foreign markets and with respect for each individual customer’s request.

We are glad that Zesium was selected to be a part of Peštan’s vision to become recognized as a leader in the Balkans – our assistance in developing such robust application advocates Peštan’s mission to create a competitive advantage in the customers’ businesses with the help of the first-class solutions, services and products.

Peštan mobile app

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