New Website – New Mission


We’re proud and excited to announce our new website!

Through an updated and modern look, we’ve found a perfect way to present you the quality service we provide to our clients. You can easily get a bigger picture of what we do and how we do it.

We craft professional designs that improve your business.


The new website also presents a new mission: We aim to become global. This means approaching the global market and building a brand.

Navigating through the website is pretty simple, allowing you to find all the necessary information.

  • Home page gives you the most important information, along with the impressions from Zesium’s world-renowned clients and a list of some of our partners.
  • What we do and Who we are define our skills, while
  • Our work gives you information about our projects.
  • Looking for a job? Check Join us for current job openings.

A Team of Professionals at Your Service

Fitting clients’ specific needs comes first on our to-do list. Having a positive working environment and overcoming obstacles as a team, makes every task easier to solve.

More than 50 highly-educated and experienced employees make Zesium a superb company.


Keep in Touch

Follow our blog to keep in touch with our newest projects and recent technology trends. We’ll be working on some pretty exciting and innovative ones, which might interest you.
In addition to our new Blog, there’s always social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, pick your favorites and follow us.


No Job Openings? Send Us Your CV anyway!

We’ve decided to add a new interesting feature to our website. For instance, you want to apply for a job position at Zesium, but there’s no job openings at the moment. You can send your CV to our Human Resources Manager and we’ll store it in our database. As soon as there’s a suitable opening, we’ll contact you. Sounds neat, right?


Ask Us

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have some questions! Whether it’s asking for a quote, a suggestion, or simply wondering if we’re currently hiring. We’re here for you. Stay tuned.


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