We are the future of IT


The Student Union of the Faculty of Technical Sciences organized a conference “We are the future of IT” from October 13 – 16, which had a goal to gather students from IT sector from many Serbian faculties, and introduce them to modern course and trends in the Information Technology field, and also upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Our company representatives, colleagues Ivan Panic (Android developer) and Mica Cetkovic (iOS developer), shared their experience with future developers in that domain, motivating them to improve their knowledge and professional development. Being experienced developers, they gave practical examples, as well as the examples on how to overcome challenges in development, which, based on students’ reactions, had a big value. Through their presentations, our developers talked about their professional journeys and pointed out future tendencies in development. After the conference, they continued their gathering in a non-formal manner; participants had an opportunity to meet, ask additional questions, and exchange experiences.


The conference was greatly visited – more than 100 students in two days. The conference organization was supported by: Startit, DaFED, The Institute of Student Resorts Belgrade, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development, Sector for Student Standard.


Zesium Ios pdf
Zesium Android pdf

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