Zesium’s Business Trip to Israel

WhoSpeaks App in the IT Superpower

As we take steps to becoming global in mobile solutions, a big part of our work is getting some "offline" insights into our projects.

Our CEO, Darko Milic, along with our Business Development Executive, Jovan Stojanovic, went on a business trip to Tel Aviv in December to meet with our WhoSpeaks app partners.

WhoSpeaks the most?

WhoSpeaks is a unique and innovative app used to determine who speaks the most among a group of people. Coming up with a way to implement algorithms which recognize a speaker’s voice was a challenge. The team managed to develop such a solution. The app recognizes different voice frequencies of the people in the room, groups them, and allows the user to select a certain voice and add a name to the speaker. The goal of the app is to provide information on who spoke the most during the meeting.

Zesium & Nielsen Innovate

During the trip, Zesium met with more than ten investors to discuss partnership regarding the new project.

Zesium also enjoyed being the guest of Nielsen Innovate, a technological incubator located in Caesarea, whose mission is to "find teams that can deliver a significant impact on an existing market." It is a world-renowned fund dedicated to early stage investments in web, media, research and startups.

Israel, the IT Superpower

Nowadays, Israeli IT industry can compete with the most developed countries in the world.

  • In the 2015 list of The Bloomberg Global Innovation Index, a list published yearly in January highlighting the 50 most innovative and impressive countries in the global technology market, Israel was ranked number four in the world, ahead of other global technology powerhouses: the United States and China.
  • Israel's high-tech sector attracted a staggering $4.43 billion in investment during 2015, according to the Israel Venture Capital Research Center (IVC).

In 2016, Best Practices and Lessons Learned in ICT Sector Innovation: A Case Study of Israel explained "the success of the Israeli innovation model or the emergence of the startup nation".

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