Zesium’s Executive States his Views

at "IT Personnel – a Potential or an Obstacle to Development" Conference

Our Business Development Executive, Jovan Stojanovic, took part in a round-table discussion titled "IT Personnel – a Potential or an Obstacle to Development", held on June 14 in Belgrade.

Along with other science, politics, and economy experts, Jovan got a chance to point out his views on challenges and problems Serbian IT industry faces.

In the last eight years, the ICT industry has increased threefold, and this year, it is one of the top three "products" which contribute to reducing the foreign trade deficit, along with corn and frozen fruits.

Jovan stated that the management of the companies operating in Serbian IT are oriented to outsourcing in 90% of cases. Serbia has to insist on development of the "digital raspberry", meaning the development of its own products.

He pointed out that research and development projects in Serbia’s economy are at the minimum level. Israel, which is similar to Serbia in population, has more than 7,000 patent applications per year, while Serbia, he believes, doesn’t reach 50.

All participants agreed that Serbia has individuals with good ideas and companies able to launch this sector. They also agreed that Serbia can’t miss the potential it has in the IT industry. The entire community can benefit from it through GDP growth, higher export and new job openings.

The round table was organized by eKapija, the leading business portal in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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