Running a business in today’s highly data-driven digital world is certainly not a cakewalk. More importantly–running a business efficiently is yet more challenging. Tons of complex variables to look after and analyze to make better business decisions.

Gone are the days when you had to skim through bundles of pages to find that one specific record. Fortunately, AI-powered cloud-based tools and Big Data have taken over and made this process way too easy. From managing data to sharing and performing various operations, SaaS tools have taken the business management game a notch higher.

While you can choose asset management tools like Zluri to optimize the business lifecycle and maximize ROI, there are four things you should consider before purchasing or subscribing to any platform.

  • Is the UI simple to use and visually appealing ?
  • Is the pricing value for money? 
  • Can you easily integrate the tool with other business management tools? 
  • Does the company provide good tech support?

Once you are clear on these four things, you can select a tool that suits best to your business.

You will get to know about ten best SaaS tools to consider for your business – before jumping directly to the SaaS tools, let us first understand how SaaS management tools can benefit your business.


Why Do You Need SaaS Management Tools?

Be it IT or any industry that deals with an excessive amount of data, SaaS management tools or platforms have many benefits. Below listed are a few:


  • You can prepare audits easily 
  • You can get an overall picture of all your company’s assets 
  • You can get all the information needed to make better business decisions 
  • You can make your system more stable and secure 
  • Tools automatically find malware and remove unwanted software from the system


If you wish to maximize efficiency in running your business, then using SaaS tools is of utmost importance.

Now that you know how SaaS management tools can help your business, let’s look at which SaaS tools you can use for smoother business operations.

8 SaaS Management Tools for Your Business 

We have listed ten tools that can help you optimize your business.

Considering your budget, functionalities and business needs, you can choose to use any of these ten tools for your business.




This is a data-driven platform primarily used to to automate IT related tasks including procurement, renewals and onboarding of employees, etc. It’s main features are:

  • Removes duplicate applications
  • Highlights less used tools and applications with similar functionalities
  • Removes unsecured apps
  • Manages complaints risks

Zluri has not publicly disclosed its pricing, but you can use a free trial that is available for companies with less than 25 employees.




This is one of the most well-known tools used prominently in IT industries to track projects. Jira helps software development teams to effectively plan and manage projects. Well suited for agile teams, this one is an indispensable tool for companies that largely depend on reliable software development and maintenance tools for their business.

  • Some of the primary features of Jira are as follows:
  • Has scrum boards to manage complex and tight timeline projects
  • Kanban boards for big picture
  • Customizable workflows
  • Rich API and different tool integrations

If you are flooded with projects and are struggling to keep a track of each, then you should consider using this tool.




Many SaaS tools provide you with features that can help you store and analyze customer data. However, Productiv, as the name suggests, gives you insights on how your internal staff engages with the software. It’s primary features are:

  • Improves compliance
  • Improves application visibility
  • Increases employee personalization
  • Gives you more efficient renewals
  • Gives you smarter license allocations

Again, you can go for a free trial for this platform and then make a purchase if you are satisfied with its results.




This tool incites policies from client’s end and also has data exposure, customer onboarding, offboarding data. Other features of BetterCloud include:

  • Data analytics
  • Data security
  • Compliance management

Overall, this tool is an all-in-one platform that can also be easily integrated with other tools to smoothen working of your organization.





This is essentially a website-building tool in which you can also integrate other tools. So if you want to build a website from scratch with a simple drag and drop facility, then Pixpa will work well for you. Moreover, the tool has following features:

  • You can create portfolio to sell your work
  • Comes with built-in e-commerce capabilities
  • Has an SEO manager
  • Extra blogging features

This tool is mostly suitable usually for solopreneurs including designers, artists, photographers to create their portfolios and sell their work. Moreover, it is an affordable service and accessible to any company or solopreneur looking to create their website.




This is a SaaS management tool that could benefit a large business. Beamy tracks optimization actions of SaaS applications. It helps in optimizing technology costs at each point of the system. Other key features of the app include:

  • Dynamic application directory
  • GDPR actions
  • Spend and vendor management
  • License management
  • Shadow IT detection
  • Subscription management

Moreover, the platform provides SSL websites on all websites despite whichever plan you must’ve chosen and 24×7 customer via email or chat.





It is a simple visual content tool that allows businesses to create and edit presentations. Plus, it also allows you to share presentations, videos and other visual content. This tool is especially helpful for small businesses with limited budget or resources. You can easily create branded content without even having design knowledge since it is an easy tool to use.

Some of its primary features include:

Visme lets you create engaging visual content by simple drag and drop interface

  • Lets you create animate content with animation features
  • Consists of gallery of templates to choose from
  • Easy to design content even for non-designers
  • Allows integration with other tools
  • Features like commenting options, integrations with Slack etc.



It is a tool especially for content creators and marketers to simplify content planning. You can consider Planable as a hub for a brand’s social media campaigns that lets your marketing teams collaborate better. With this tool, you can create, plan, approve, review and publish content smoothly.

Some of the features of Planable are:

  • You can create and preview social media posts, all at the same place
  • Seamlessly schedule content with drag and drop functionality
  • Incorporated features like adding internal notes and commenting

You can avail a free plan that would be valid for the first 50 posts and choose a plan if you find it suitable for your business.


Wrapping up 

We have given you the top ten tools to consider, however only you can decide which one is the best fit or whether you even need a SaaS management tool for your business.

Once you are clear on your business requirements, choosing a SaaS management tool that works for your business gets easier.

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