Mobile devices have become one of the hottest commodities in these modern times.

Without dismissing the importance of traditional education like going to school, checking out libraries and experiments, learning through mobile apps has become essential at this modern age.

The continuous growth of the Internet and mobile technology has made learning more accessible to anyone these days and it has given an equal opportunity to everyone to access different kinds of learning materials without any prerequisites. Together with other technological advances like Microsoft Office, for which you need to make sure you are using the right product key for Windows, many innovations can help with your modern learning.

There are hundreds of educational apps available these days. Some apps can cover general topics that you can use as study aids; some can sharpen your specialized skills.

Mobile Apps That Can Help You to Learn and Improve your Skills


There are a variety of apps that you can choose for your learning needs. From basic knowledge to the most specific skills, you can find different learning mobile apps available in the market.

Here are some of the best mobile app that you can consider for enhancing your skills:




Udemy is one of the most popular online services that offer courses online. It has a wide selection of courses like personal development, web services, business courses, and more. It is also a perfect choice for beginners as it provides many options.

With the Udemy mobile app, you can access all of your courses and learning materials conveniently. Even if you are on the go, you can still keep on learning with Udemy. However, you have to note that while the Udemy app is free to download, courses have fees should you wish to participate.




Another best learning app on the list, TED, is an app that can be perfect for adults that covers any topic.

They are also renowned for tapping personalities to give smart talks known as ‘TED Talks‘ based on their interest and expertise.

This mobile app has already gathered millions of videos that can become your source on any given topic or if you want to expand your knowledge.




Skillshare is a learning hub that can improve your career skills.

You can find creative art courses as well as business development tips at Skillshare.

It offers a wide range of topics you can choose, from art, creative writing, photography, film, lifestyle and many more.



Lynda (now Linkedin Learning)

Like Skillshare and Udemy, Lynda also boasts of a wide variety of courses. The good thing about Lynda is that you can learn whichever lessons you like at your own pace. It can give you the freedom to harness your skills when it’s convenient for you and at any place.

But Lynda’s comprehensive library of courses is offered on a monthly subscription basis, unlike Udemy. That allows you to take as many classes per month as you want. You can take Lynda for a no-risk, ten-day test drive for free if you are unsure whether you want to commit to a monthly payment.

StudyBlue + Chegg

StudyBlue was created to make learning more bearable to students. You can choose materials per school, college or per country.

It is one of the best free mobile apps that you can get to make your study learning easier. They can create flashcards, use digital learning materials, and study from any place just by signing up from their smartphone.

StudyBlue is the trustworthy Android learning software you should use for any late-night study, especially if you’re a student worried about the next test or significant quiz.




Educational games have always been part of the learning journey. It can break the monotony of studying and ensure to keep the mind active.

Lumosity is a free mobile app that will allow you to play brainstorming games, programs, and other activities like quizzes that can help make your mind remain sharp and active.

Studying for a long time can take a toll on your focus and make you feel dull. Lumosity can help you break from it by triggering your brain and training it using games and other techniques. In this mobile learning app, you can find brain games, activities, and other practices for a complete brain workout.



Amazon Kindle

Like Blinklist, Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular free language learning apps with millions of online books that anyone can access.

Many users are using this app to scroll through various magazines, books, newspapers, articles, and many more that you can access within seconds. You can also switch to audible books if you’re tired of reading or use Alexa to read the books to you.

While there is a dedicated Kindle device that you can purchase, you can still access these millions of books even if you are using any device.




Goodreads have gathered around 30 million users on the platform. To top it all, it has over 1 billion books available on the forum and can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices.

It is considered as the world’s largest mobile app for books and other reading materials where you can browse books by title, author or ISBN. It can also allow users to write book reviews that can help other readers to choose which material they should read next.




Photomath is a top learning mobile app for kids that can help aid with math learning.

This free app offers math problems that include arithmetic, calculus, and other math topics with animated instructions while developing your mathematical reasoning at the same time. There are separate sections for parents or teachers providing specific material per specific needs.

You can sync this app with your smartphone camera to help you solve math problems.




Considered one of the more unique education apps, EdX does not offer courses from professionals but rather from actual colleges.

While you cannot get a legitimate college degree for free, you can course in computer programming, engineering, history, psychology, nutrition, statistics, and hundreds of others.

It features live lectures online or offline, course updates and handouts, separate tutorials, and the good thing is, it’s all for free. However, you would need to pay for the full program experience along with the certificate.

Right now, anybody who is searching for higher education should have this app.



Khan Academy

Like other online education platforms, Khan Academy offers a wide array of courses and classes to people. It currently boasts over 10,000 instructional videos, lessons, and other content. It’s all completely free as well.

The Khan Academy works with more formal schooling such as algebra, economics, history, astronomy, and more where you can take preparation classes for the specific grade. They even have an app that contains many of the same elements, particularly for kids.




One of the best education apps, Blinkist is a mobile app that you can learn and read anything. Available both in iOS and Android, this app can offer you thousands of non-fiction books where you can find many genres. It covers a variety of topics that you can choose from and whatever caught your interest.

For those business professionals who still want to expand their knowledge and skills,  Blinkist can be the right choice. It gives access to most of the best business books. If you are also a busy individual who thinks reading will take much of your time, you still want to learn, and you can switch to audio mode. You can also build an audio playlist for your favorite books.

It is free unless you wish for the premium edition where pricing starts from $14.99 monthly.




If the different languages around the planet interests you, then this mobile app is for you.

Duolingo is an app that can help you get started in learning a foreign language. These apps are user-friendly allowing you to learn at your own pace and can both work for those just beginning to learn any language and as well as advanced speakers.

It is easy to learn with Duolingo as it uses pictures and phrases spoken by most native speakers.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a mobile app powered by Google. It is an application that can take you on 360-degree virtual tours on some of the world’s famous museums and historical landmarks. You can even zoom in on some of the places you can virtually visit to check on details.

You can learn about different artists’ lives, works, and history of world-famous arts. You can also save your favorite galleries that you can go back to anytime.


Final Thoughts

With hundreds of educational apps available in the market today, there is always room to enhance your skills and your knowledge.

While some learning apps appear to be better than the rest, most have the common goal to help you to sharpen your skills and gain knowledge you did not previously have.

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