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7 Reasons to Use Technology in Hotel Management

Technology permeates our everyday lives and it has become integrated into the daily business operations within many industries, including hospitality and hotel management. 

Amidst the pandemic situation, technology has become even more important than ever and it will play a key role in the recovery of the tourism industry. 

Hotel industry can implement technology across all departments to improve guest experience, streamline their business operations, manage post-covid protocols and improve the overall communication between your employees and guests. 


Hospitality and tourism industries were the most affected by the recent pandemic – such events showed the necessity for digital transformation in every industry. 

Although technology is present within the hospitality sector (computerized booking system, etc.), it still has not been properly exploited. 

Technology facilitates easy connection and communication across borders and continents. This enabled fast transfer of information helping the hospitality industry in terms of higher number of bookings, easier communication with the customers and more. 

Hospitality businesses market their services and products through the Internet where people can interact from different locations in real time. 

The Internet enabled businesses to market their products/services with ease at low costs and globally. The end result was that businesses were able to tailor the needs of the customer accordingly. 

With technology today, consumers are able to do their own research on destinations, accomodation facilities, schedules or the money needed for a tour. These are available on the Internet and it has become essential for budget and decision making. 

Source: tech.co

More Efficient Service

Today’s touristic businesses are faced with many demands and they must meet those needs and requirements. However, it is not only the customers but also the workforce and other employees that they must take care of. Besides this, hotel management has to manage inventory, purchases and human resources as well. 

The technology response to such issues would be the ERP system which is basically a suite of software applications that organizations use to manage daily activities including accounting, project or workforce management as well as supply chain. 

ERP systems help hospitality managers to handle all the vital functions ensuring their business performs at its full capacity, allowing managers to consistently review crucial business information and reports. For example, if you use ERP to manage inventory, you can enable your managers to compare financial data, billing schedules and other types of analytics. 

Such features enable management to reach data-driven decisions which they can further report to the relevant stakeholders. 

Source: hotelnewresources.com

Guest Convenience

Customers aka guests want their experience to be quick and hassle free – they want a seamless, tech driven and contactless experience in the hotel industry. No matter if it is ordering a room service from a smartphone or scanning QR code, they do not want to queue or leave your hotel room – guests expect an easy and smooth experience. 

Guests want to be provided with the connection so to be able to book, check and compare prices and schedule their traveling to various tourist destinations. 

Technology has eased globalization making the world a small global village. People are connected via the Internet and social media and information is transmitted quickly with just a tap. 

Technology has added a boost as people are able to access information about the locations they want to visit and get more insight into additional activities that can be.  

Source: teamdigital.com

No Repetitive Tasks

The recent pandemic stressed out the need for automation across many industries thus its popularity is growing. 

Even though your business does not have to jump into the usage of robots, there are many automated solutions available that can ensure a seamless integration and simplified daily tasks of your work staff. 

Introducing automation will help the hospitality business to lower the time-consuming and repetitive tasks allowing companies to be more productive on a day to day basis. For example, hotels can automatically send notifications (or emails) to their guests offering coupons or special promotions hence gathering customer feedback. 

Find a suitable tool for automation of email marketing campaigns as it will be easier for your team to efficiently send those emails. You can help your workforce to use their time for more complicated tasks (researching and preparing new marketing strategies etc.) by automating certain processes. 

Technology has become an important cornerstone in the modern hospitality industry since many customers expect streamlined services. 

That is the very reason why more and more hospitality businesses adopt technology to improve customer experience and keep their business running smoothly. 

Source: adyen.com

Easy Access to Information

Nowadays, guests want convenience – every service to be within their reach. 

Hotels can create their own apps where guests can find useful information such as nearby venues, restaurants, sightseeing sites and more. Having a mobile app can allow hotel staff to connect with the guest via messages (sms, viber, whatsapp etc.), send them personalized offers or promotions and much more. 

Another good choice can be chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can help hotel staff to keep up with the customer’s demands and take off certain burdens from their plate. 

Chatbots can carry out many tasks like responding to FAQs, making reservations, ordering food or processing payment – chatbots offer timely service that makes customers happy and willing to return to your hotel.  

Hospitality places (hotels, motels etc.) that already utilize chatbots have reported benefits like increase in direct bookings, streamlined check in/out service and 24-hour reception. 

Source: revfine.com

Improved Communication

Customer retention and loyalty is the most important part of any service-based business – it is vital that you fulfill customers’ expectations related to their guest service. 

In the hospitality industry, no matter if guests order food, make reservations or ask for recommendations, it can be difficult for your employees to meet everyone’s requirements consistently and maintain communication. Unless this problem is solved, it can negatively impact your brand reputation. 

Technology has greatly affected the way of communication – especially with the hospitality and tourism industry where many businesses are dispersed. Today, many hotels use communication platforms to enable cross department communication in order to respond to the guests’ requests more efficiently. 

Such platforms can help improve guest experience by making it easier to access all the information they might need like reservation details, nearby restaurants opening time or ordering room service via an app. 

Source: blog.advhtech.com

Provide Better Customer Experience

If you want to retain your guests, you must pay attention to having a great customer experience. That is the place where technology comes in and helps to improve guest experience by enabling your hotel staff to deliver exceptional service. 

Many hotels have systems that automatically save guests’ preferences and notes (their preferences during their last stay, extra pillows or not, etc.) so in case the same guests return, the hotel staff can accommodate them adequately. Such a personalized approach is necessary as it makes the experience much better for your guests. 

Another strategy can be via social media which is one of the most popular methods today as it is estimated that there are over 3 billion social media users currently.  

Many of these social media users display their thoughts and opinions to their online followers or friends. This is the very reason why social listening methods are essential for brands in today’s digital society. 

Social listening is a strategy including monitoring digital comments or statements in order to understand what customers say about your brand. Social listening enables companies to determine customer sentiment and collect feedback on the customers’ preferences. 

There are many social listening tools for you to choose and implement this strategy successfully – ‘word-of-mouth’ in online society is still the most valuable type of recommendation since it comes from real people. 

Such an approach enables brands to reach more informed decisions based on the feedback of their customers. 

Source: biz4intellia.com

Technology is Expected 

Unless your hotel is solely for people to run away from technology nowadays, technology within the hospitality industry is expected. 

Guests expect to have strong and reliable WiFi and to be able to connect to the internet no matter their physical location. 

Hotel management companies need to embrace new technological ideas if they wish to stay relevant and operate efficiently. 

People that travel always like to stay in touch with their family or friends and that is where technology opens up a world of opportunities that the hospitality industry can take advantage of.

If brands take this opportunity, it can make them really stand out leading to greater growth within the hospitality industry.  

Source: youtube.com

Final Say

The meaning of ‘business as usual’ within the hotel industry is quickly evolving. Guests nowadays demand more personalized options so that accommodation can meet their requirements. 

Some of the trends in this industry lead to improvements and savings for the hospitality sector, while others change how hotel owners plan their management structure and workforce requirements. 

Since the digital community grows, hotel management needs to leverage the resources and systems at their disposal if they want to retain their clients. 

Technology provides the opportunities, tools and solutions that hospitality needs to create memorable experiences and lead to positive growth in the industry. 

Od praktikanta do Junior Project Manager-a

Sara je u Zesium došla 1.decembra prošle godine i nakon tromesečne prakse u Project Management timu sa mentorom Milanom Lisicom započela je i radni odnos.

Pročitajte u nastavku njenu priču.

Kako si saznala za praksu u Zesium-u i zašto si se odliučila bas za nas?

Za praksu sam saznala preko drugara koji je ranije, takođe, bio na praksi iz oblasti Project Management-a u Zesium-u. On mi je još tada pričao o kompaniji i podelio svoje  iskustvo, tako da sam imala informacije iz prve ruke. Iz njegove priče zaključila sam da su ljudi u Zesium-u predusretljivi, da se neguje timski duh i da project manager-i imaju veliko znanje koje rado prenose kolegama, što mi se mnogo svidelo.

Sara Mandić

Koja je najbolja stvar koju si naučio/la na praksi?

Naučila sam mnogo o upravljanju projektima, ali i o ulozi project manager-a. Naučila sam da ta uloga sa sobom nosi mnogo lepih stvari poput stvaranja novog proizvoda, komunikacije sa kolegama i generalno upoznavanja novih ljudi, ali isto tako i mnogo odgovornosti, pregovaranja i kompromisa. Kao najbolju stvar izdvojila bih ono što mi je kolega preneo, a to je da je uloga menadžera da smiri oluju, koja može da dođe od strane klijenta ili tima u napetim trenucima, tako da druga strana uvek vidi bonacu – mirno more.

Koja je, prema tvom mišljenju, najveća vrednost ove prakse? 

Mislim da je najveća vrednost to što se stiče i teorijsko i praktično znanje iz oblasti upravljanja projektima. Teorijsko znanje prenose iskusnije kolege čije je svako predavanje prožeto mnoštvom primera iz njihovog dosadašnjeg rada, što svu teoriju čini zanimljivijom. Takođe, uključenost u projekat od prvog meseca prakse omogućila mi susretanje sa situacijama koje se samo u realnom poslovnom svetu dešavaju i verujem da me je to dobro pripremilo za zaposlenje.

Šta ti je ostavilo najveći utisak?

Najveći utisak na  mene ostavila je atmosfera koja vlada u Zesium-u. Od prvog dana tretirana sam kao deo kolektiva i svaka osoba mi je ponudila pomoć. Mnogo kolega je podelilo svoje iskustvo i savete sa mnom, što mi je značilo u periodu prakse.

Koji je najbolji savet koji si dobila od kolega? 

Najbolji savet koji sam dobila i koji često spominjem jeste da je skoro završen zadatak isto što i nezapočet. U poslu se odnosi na to da klijenta zanima sve ono što je urađeno i što može da vidi. Klijente zanimaju rezultati rada. Slično je za sve ostalo u životu, bilo u pitanju sređivanje stana, čitanje knjige ili nešto treće. Zato treba ostati fokusiran i stvari uraditi do kraja. 

Kako bi opisala atmosferu u timu i u firmi?

Atmosfera u Zesium-u je ono što me je na prvu loptu oduševilo, a tako je ostalo i do danas. Nije u pitanju samo dobra energija u prostorijama firme, već i način na koji se ljudi ophode jedni prema drugima. Potencira se iskrenost i rešavanje svih nesuglasica i nesporazuma u momentu nastanka, što mislim da je neophodno u radu sa ljudima kako bi se gajio zdrav odnos. Kada su ljudi iskreni i dobronamerni, kritke se prihvataju jednako dobro kao i pohvale.

Zesium tim

Šta ti je najzanimljive na čemu si radila?

Najzanimljiviji mi je projekat na kojem trenutno radim, a koji podrazumeva razvoj softverskog proizvoda. Osim komunikacije, organizovanja rada, delegiranja zadataka i slično, uloga project manager-a u kompaniji Zesium ima i kreativnu stranu koja podrazumeva osmišljavanje i predlog za izgled i funkcionisanje proizvoda. Svaki dan se u okviru tima radi na unapređenju proizvoda, pri čemu imam priliku da čujem mišljenja članova tima koji imaju različito znanje, iskustvo i poglede. Na taj način se i moji pogledi šire i svakodnevno učim.

Sa kojim izazovima si se susrela tokom prakse?

Kao neko ko je završio studije menadžmenta i imao svega nekoliko programerskih predmeta, najveći izazov predstavljalo mi je da shvatim kako jedan softverski proizvod funkconiše. Poteškoću u savladavanju toga predstavljao mi je širok obim projekta i tematika koja mi do tada nije bila bliska. Bilo mi je potrebno neko vreme da savladam sve pojmove koje su kolege koristile na dnevnim sastancima i da ih potpuno razumem o čemu tačno pričaju. Iako i dalje svakodnevno učim nove stvari, moram da priznam da bi proces bio dosta teži da nisam imala kolege koje su na svako moje pitanje bili voljni da odgovore i da mi objasne sve što mi nije jasno, kao i mentora koji mi je u svakom trenutku i za sva pitanja bio na raspolaganju.

Nina Sarajlić, Milan Lisica i Sara Mandić

Kako izgleda tvoj tipičan dan?

Moj tipičan dan počinje sa proverom poruka od kolega i klijenta. Nakon toga slede sastanci i komunikacija sa klijentima oko novih zahteva koje je potrebno analizirati i proveriti sa timom. Zbog svega navedenog, svaki dan učim nešto novo, a to je ono što je osobi na početku karijere, poput mene, najvažnije. Kada se utvrde detalji, zahtevi se definišu u okviru alata Jira, koji predstavlja veliku podršku prilikom organizacije rada i praćenja napretka projekta, i koji koristim većinu radnog vremena.

Šta bi savetovala ljudima koji traže praksu?

Savetovala bih im da istraže koje kompanije posluju u oblasti koja ih interesuje i fokusiraju se na one u kojima veruju da bi se osećali dobro i bili zadovoljni. Iako ponekad nije lako doći do prakse, ne treba da odustanu. Veliki broj kompanija ima naloge na društvenim mrežama (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook…) i često putem njih objavljuju konkurse za razne prakse. Čak i ukoliko u datom trenutku ne postoji otvoren konkurs, savetovala bih im da pošalju email poruku kompaniji, da objasne zašto su odabrali baš nju i pitaju da li postoji otvoreno mesto za koje bi mogli da se prijave.


Ukoliko želiš i ti da budeš deo Zesium-a slobodno nam pošalji CV na: hr@zesium.com.


Social media is the online resource that includes information on different marketing strategies, and information related to valuable advertising is greatly important to people. However, the right content with wrong purpose will not bear the fruit of success in marketing. 

Any policies and work that has to be done should have a proper channel and purpose, in order to stand in the market. Product promotion and online stores are the latest methods web and mobile development companies use to sell branded products. 

Online companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., have an extensive network of promotion in every social media network; it is a substantial part of every marketing strategy. Also, it is the crucial element for a cost-effective method.

Source: unamo.com

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is one of the marketing strategies to develop a roadmap of products that help achieve and contribute to society. They have a dedicated development team for product promotion, and also they have a chain of resellers throughout the world.

We have different ways to market the products through social media is as follows:

Offer an Exclusive Preview

Customers play an essential role in the promotion of products – they do business with you, purchase from your company and can be real brand advocates within their networks, making a chain of product sales.

This strategy is also called customer engagement, which has become popular in recent years.

Source: tropicanajewelers.com

Use a Specific Introductory Offer

You can introduce discounted pricing, combo offers, mega sale offers, two products with the same rate, buy one get one free offer, rather than just announcing your new product or service. 

You can publish your services on social media at a low rate, which will also increase the products’ marketing. Whatever offers you provide better don’t give long term; the offer should end in a month.

Use Google Business

There are many fraud companies in this world.

However, the most popular and secure business model is Google Business; we can promote products and services and choose the safest way of transactions using Google business.

Run a Social Media Contest

You can organize a social media contest and make your customers happy, which becomes fun, and they will join, and through this, you can promote your products or services.

Contests are done mainly by the highest media like Facebook and YouTube.

Source: leadtoconversion.com

Spread Word by Email

Sending emails to targeted customers is also a type of product promotion.

Again, many freelancers can do this work for you – advise them to make a creative mail with the product promotion and details, and they will do it quickly.

Write a Blog

You can hire a blog writer to write the blog and publish it on your web page.

Blog writers have exemplary interaction, and also, you can write about your products in the blog and post them; this will help you to promote the products or services.

Source: zesium.com

Host an Event

Some social media companies host an event of promotion outdoors, like fashion shows, brand promotion parties, meetings, seminars, stage programs, etc. This can lead to promoting your services and products on social media. 

They also conduct indoor events like purchasing the product at a low price and joining the team of network, this mostly done for promoting the product within the circle of network and all the branches of the country. 

Offer a Complimentary Upgrade

Service-oriented companies use complimentary offers mainly, like spa fitness centers, salons, beauty parlors, etc.

You can offer the new service free of charge or you can offer two services at the price of one, where Facebook life and Instagram reels are commonly used media.

Source: pinterest.com

Allow Trade-ins

Trade-in promotion is adding a product with regular customers.

For example, if regular customers purchase a product, you can provide them with coupons and vouchers saying if they return to purchase with you, you can provide another relevant product for half a price.

Share Customer Reviews

The best way to promote social media products is to share your customer reviews published on a web page.

This will attract new customers but also improve rating of stars in the products.

Source: pinterest.com

Multichannel promotion is the best method

When promoting a new product or service for business, you have endless options and variety. Choosing multichannel promotion is the best method for social media promotion; it is only done by proper and systematic planning and research on market fluctuations and customer needs. 

Test the strategies mentioned above, and it can lead to better promotion – this type of social media promotion aims to boost up small-scale industries. It is also the type of encouragement for small and medium-sized enterprises, which cannot compete in the market. 

Social media promotion is also a way of communicating, selling, and encouraging the market’s M2C (Manufacturer to Customers) strategy.


According to the reports, nearly 90% of the marketers claimed that social media generates more exposure than other promotion methods like television or web pages. Hence, this article will help you plan and study the fluctuating market and help you to promote your products with proper understanding.


Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a top mobile app development company in the USA where you can find expert developers for your business.

10 Valuable Tips on How to Choose an Automatic Generator Software

Since more users are accessing the internet, it has become increasingly important to make your content easily accessible.

To maximize user engagement and content visibility, it is critical to make your content accessible to ALL users, including those with disabilities or who speak a different language than yours. 

For example, subtitles in video content can make it more accessible. However, transcribing manually would take a long time and would be very tedious.

Thankfully, there are several automatic subtitling software programs available today that automate this process. Nonetheless, with so many programs available today, choosing the best one can be difficult.

In this article, we will provide you with 10 tips on how to choose an automatic generator software in order to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in.

Source: broadcastnow.co.uk

What is Automatic Subtitle Generator Software and Why Should You Use It?

An automatic subtitle generator software automatically creates and adds subtitles and transcriptions to your video or audio files.

By using automated software and adding subtitles and transcriptions to audio and video content, you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of benefits. 

Below are listed some of the most relevant benefits.

Improves the Accessibility

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, adding subtitles to your video or adding text to your audio files could dramatically improve accessibility.

With subtitles and transcripts, for instance, you can ensure that people with hearing impairments can understand your content. For those who speak other languages, it is also easier to read the captions instead of listening to the audio.

Transcripts and subtitles can also provide greater accessibility for those who find themselves in specific situations where they cannot hear audio, such as when they are in a crowded place or unable to hear it clearly.

Saves Time and Effort

It can be quite tedious and challenging to transcribe each word in your video and audio files by hand, as it requires considerable precision and time spent listening and relistening to the exact wording in your files. 

In contrast, automated subtitle generators let you generate subtitles and captions in just seconds, with high rates of accuracy that can easily reach 100% through a few manual adjustments.

Source: pinterest.com

Ease of Scale

Transcribing an audio or video file manually involves a strict limit on the number of transcriptions you can perform each day, week, or month.

As a result, you may struggle to share and publish content as quickly, which can hinder your sales, traffic, and growth.

Automated transcription software, on the other hand, enables the transcription of a large number of files quickly. As a result, you can continue uploading, sharing, and creating content without having to wait for the transcription to be done.

Enhances Content Value and Increases Ranking

Video content cannot be viewed or listened to by search engines. As such, video and audio files by themselves will not contribute to the overall optimization of your content.

By contrast, if you transcribe or caption a video or audio file, Google bots will be able to read your transcriptions and determine what the video is about.

This may improve your website’s indexing and rankings in search engines, resulting in more traffic and visibility.

Higher Engagement

According to the research, videos with subtitles are significantly more engaging than videos without subtitles

A possible reason for this is that the content is accessible to all, and anyone can view the videos and understand the context regardless of their location, e.g., in a noisy environment.

Increases Video Reach

The audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram prefers to watch videos with subtitles since they get the information they’re looking for quickly without having to listen. 

Source: azimuthsoft.tv

10 Valuable Tips to Choose the Right Automatic Generator Software

Consider Your Budget

If you’re a small company or individual with a limited budget or none at all, pricing is obviously one of the first factors to keep in mind when choosing automatic generator software.

Software with affordable rates exists, but other software is more expensive, and these costs may weigh heavily on your finances. 

When this is your situation, be sure to select software that provides the best balance between cost and performance.

Source: happyscribe.com

Ensure a Quick Turnaround Time

When you plan a content calendar, expect to publish content on a specific date, and this content includes subtitles and transcription, then the turnaround time offered by the software is crucial.

Obviously, transcribing or adding subtitles to videos or audio is obviously subjective to the length of the recording, as well as the service you select.

Some companies, for instance, let you choose between automatic subtitles and human-made subtitles. There may be a slight difference in the accuracy percentage, but turnaround times can vary greatly, from 5 minutes for automatic transcriptions to 24 hours for human transcriptions.

Verify Providing High Accuracy Rates

The accuracy percentage represents the percentage of words that were correctly transcribed from your audio or video file.

It is obvious that a higher percentage is better. Select software that provides an accuracy of at least 85%.

Obviously, this is also a factor that can affect the choice of your automatic generator software.

Check for an Editor Dashboard

Whether you are transcribing or adding subtitles to video content, or transcribing audio files, you may find that, sometimes, some of the words generated by the software do not match the originals.

Usually, this occurs when audios or videos have distorted sound, low volumes, and unclear words or phrases.

In such a case, you may wish to have a chance to edit the transcription, since you likely know exactly what is being said in your content.

It is therefore important to check whether an automatic generator software includes an editor before choosing and paying for it.

In addition to ensuring the accuracy of the transcription, the editor may also offer customization options, such as the possibility to change the text color and size, edit the subtitle limit, and choose characters per line (CPL) and characters per second (CPS).

Source: veed.io

Check Out Languages It Supports

You may not only want to transcribe your content in its original language but also translate it into another language to ensure maximum accessibility.

If this is the case, then you must make sure that the automatic generator software supports various languages or specifically the ones that you need.

Source: tdftips.com

Check if Upload Limits

Depending on the software, the length and size of audio and video files you can upload may be limited.

If you need to transcribe or add subtitles to a large or long piece of content, you should take this into account when selecting the software to use.

In general, the fewer upload limitations there are, the better and more convenient it will be for you.

Look at Importing Options 

Another thing to consider when choosing an automatic generator software is its import capabilities.

As a matter of fact, your audio or video file may be in a certain format, and it is crucial that the software supports it, so you do not have to spend time converting it to another format.

Consider Available Export Formats 

Your audio or video content may need to be in a format that is supported by the platform where you intend to distribute it. 

In this regard, it will be convenient for you to choose software that automatically exports the files in the format you require.

Therefore, before selecting the software, please make sure that it supports exportation in multiple formats. The more options it offers, the better.

Source: beecut.com

Make Sure It Integrates Well with Other Apps

If you need to transcribe or add subtitles to your content faster and more easily, you may want to use other applications.

As such, when looking for automatic generator software, it is vital to ensure it can integrate with other popular apps. For example, you might want to integrate YouTube for importing and sharing videos directly.

Therefore, ensure the software you choose integrates seamlessly with all of the applications you intend to use.

Ensure it Allows Easy Sharing

As soon as the transcription or subtitles of your audio or video file are ready, you may want to share it directly from the platform of the production, in order to make the sharing as quick and easy as possible. 

You may also wish to share the content with the rest of your team so you can collaborate on it. 

Thus, ensure that the automatic generator software you choose includes easy collaboration and sharing features.

Source: deskdub.com

Wrapping up

By using an automatic generator software, you can save the time and effort you’d otherwise spend transcribing audio and adding subtitles to videos.

As more and more people are using automatic generator software, more options are available on the market, making it difficult to choose one.

Nevertheless, the tips provided in this post will certainly help you make an informed choice that will help you achieve your goals.
If you want to read more about AI, please check out this article on how AI can help you succeed in business writing.

Top 10 Tips for Better eCommerce Mobile App UX Design

Mobile eCommerce is changing the way customers experience online shopping – the design of mobile store apps now bring more convenience than ever before.

With eCommerce mobile app UX design, you will create enriched experiences with users in mind. This part of the eCommerce business is critical, as it provides profitable solutions and delivers the opportunity for shoppers to find your app useful.

As more customers shop online, eCommerce sales are projected to grow to $5.4 trillion in 2022. 

We provide you with 10 eCommerce app design tips to help you increase your conversion rates and drive customer-centered UX.

Source: uiplace.com

1. Curate Thumb-Friendly Screen Zones

Proper placement of elements encourages users to take specific actions. If it’s not developed correctly, this can complicate the customer’s journey from the start.

Thumb-friendly zones give users space on the screen to easily reach with their thumb while holding their smartphone in the same hand. This makes clicking much easier and guarantees a better user experience.

Thumb-friendly zones include the lower corners and center of the screen. You can put elements on the screen in other places, but it’s best to think about how the user’s hand naturally grips a typical smartphone device.

For example, add-to-cart or payment processing buttons are specific elements to consider placing within comfortable reach zone.

Source: pinterest.com

2. Readability 

Studies show that 25% of apps are abandoned after one use. 

The reason behind this is typically poor UX design. With that in mind, a small screen size on mobile devices creates a major barrier to mobile eCommerce.

Users need to read product descriptions and shipping details, so providing a seamless shopping experience is important. 

To achieve an enhanced user experience, check all possible spacing issues and maximize content readability on screens. 

Source: medium.muz.li

3. Use the Three-Tap Rule

When designing a mobile eCommerce app, the UX structure should take no more than three taps to get to a product.

Follow this requirement by arranging your products in the order below:

  1. Categories
  2. Sub-categories
  3. Products

Furthermore, you can use tags to arrange products into categories such as “Valentine’s Sale” or “Christmas Gifts,” for example. Consider the search bar as an essential element of UX design for your mobile app. It helps customers get directly to a product they’re interested in buying.

For instance, voice search utilizes voice recognition to improve engagement and provide a speedier shopping experience.

In general, you can think of the three-tap rule as a way to easily transform the mobile app UX design into fewer clicks.

Source: martech.com

4. Simple Registration and Checkout 

Try to avoid a lengthy checkout process by asking for personal information only when you truly need it. It’s best to keep UX as simple as possible, and it should fit within the mobile device’s screen without scrolling.

Most people find that a multi-page signup and checkout process is frustrating. So, you’re essentially testing their patience — which is the typical reason for abandoned carts and profit loss.

To ensure you create a flawless checkout experience, use autofill fields and allow users to modify their orders easily. For example, it would help the user if they could change the number and size of a product before they finalize their purchase.

Source: dribble.com

5. Stick With a Minimalistic Aesthetic

Simplifying your interface makes it more likely customers will find their products. So, avoid making the UI (user interface) complex.

When it comes to great UX design, think of first-time users. The mobile app should be seamless to use and embrace a minimalist mindset. The best solutions to achieving a minimalist design involve:

  • Simple color schemes. You can achieve a monochromatic color scheme by modifying the brightness and saturation of one hue.
  • Using a single typeface. Consider experimenting with the size and style of your chosen typeface rather than using multiple fonts.
  • Paying attention to spacing. Lines and dividers are known for bordering different sections of the screen. However, they can make your eCommerce mobile app design look cluttered. Try to use shadows, colors, and spacing instead for defining areas in a non-obtrusive manner.

6. Keep It Consistent

Consistency is one of the most common mobile app UX design tips. To maintain this key design principle, consider three elements that come into play:

  • Visuals: Buttons, color schemes, and typefaces should look the same.
  • Functionality: Interactive features should work the same on different screens.
  • External: Your website, mobile app, and products should have similar design schemes.

When you apply these principles correctly, you provide benefits for your e-commerce business as well as your customers.

Source: blog.bitscr.io

7. Place the Emphasis on Navigation

The key to improving your eCommerce mobile app sales is perfecting the navigation.

This can involve creating a natural flow for users. That way, they can make more purchases without feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied.

One tip for enhancing the navigation experience is to use standard elements. It can be tempting to stand out, but navigation patterns aren’t the best place for exercising your creativity.

Furthermore, it’s critical to make the navigation options visible so they can clearly see their options.

Source: search.muz.li

8. Use Horizontal Filtering

Horizontal filtering takes a user-centered and flexible approach.

This type of filtering enables full-width screen use and a view of the active filters while scrolling.

For instance, users can use different elements like tables, sliders, and paragraphs to drive more extensive UX.

Source: baymard.com

9. Support Pinch and Double-Tap Zoom Gestures

Providing the ability to zoom in on product images can certainly influence the customer’s purchase decision.

Providing easy and natural gesture flow aids proper inspections and fosters curiosity in a product.

Source: baymard.com

10. Virtual Reality UX for Shopping

VR (virtual reality) technologies positively impact the mobile e-commerce shopping experience.

Using VR integration with UX can help users view products more effectively within a life-like setting.

This feature can boost shopping experience by allowing users to skip a trip to the store. Users can wear clothes virtually or look at how a piece of furniture would fit in their home.


Wrap up on UX Design for Your eCommerce Mobile App

Alongside the top 10 tips for UX design listed here, there are plenty more ways to enhance the overall user experience. Experimenting with new UX features and testing for efficiency can have several benefits. However, it’s important to have a clear understanding of UX design for eCommerce mobile platforms.

Keep in mind that UX design development will remain a continuous process. Watch for the latest UX trends and provide the best possible solutions for users. By establishing this best practice, you can look forward to more profitability and higher user satisfaction rates.