In this fast-paced society, people want instant results, and businesses need to play along with the demands. By doing so, companies can meet customers’ needs and make them happy with the outcomes.

How can businesses, no matter the size, meet the demand without compromising the quality of their product or service?

Technology is the best tool businesses can leverage to meet their needs and provide what customers ask for.

Computer software is technology that helps businesses to be more productive today. These software programs can manage different tasks and help reach their long-term goals.

Therefore, finding the right tools makes a huge difference in how a business can operate.


Why Choose the Right Software Carefully?

Every business is unique.

That means that one software program may work for one company but not for another. If you are a small business, you cannot use accounting software that covers a large base clientele like that of a large organization.

The point is finding the right tool is necessary – it will cut down your expenses, deliver improved performance, and help make smarter executive decisions.

Keeping detailed records of client contacts or stock rotation is vital depending on what your company sells and the market it operates within.

However, a few software solutions require commercial operations.


Computer Software for Businesses

Accounting Software

Instead of spending your time doing various tasks manually, accounting software can simplify things. Even accountants will find using accounting software an efficient method.

Accounting software must have the following or one of these features:


It allows businesses to accurately process employees’ payroll, pay-slip, yearly bonuses, etc. It streamlines services from other software to reduce manual approach and allow more timely operation.

Payroll software programs can pay employees on time, track expenses, etc.


A comprehensive, user-friendly, and simply implemented tax software solution may give business owners just what they need to negotiate the complexity of any country’s tax regime.

One of the most critical components of preserving business integrity is complying with legal tax duties and estimating the optimal tax result for your company.

Tax software can record your company’s expenses, manage tax computation, or link an accountant to the software.

Bookkeeping Software

Understanding bookkeeping is critical to making valuable business decisions for a company. When it comes to accounting software, the ability of business owners to receive important accounting information in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format is critical. It allows business owners to focus less on complex accounting fundamentals and more on running their business.


Quickbooks can track and manage expenses, income, accounting tasks, payroll, sales tax, inventory, and more.

It’s best designed for small businesses with 4 tiers offered. It has a mobile app version to help you manage your accounting performance on the go.

  • Job costing
  • Inventory
  • Track expenses
  • Reporting
  • Estimates
  • Tax deduction
  • Sales tax
  • Invoices

Project Management Software

Another computer software that must be included on every business list is a project management software application. It provides an invaluable logistic flow of projects and tasks in an overview manner.

This sort of software enables users to organize big projects by dividing them down into individual job pieces.

Project managers can track who, how, where and why to manage the organizational flow. They can check on the progress of tasks and where resources are going.

In addition, a competent and well-organized strategy is also necessary for assuring clients that their projects will be done on time and in a professional manner.


Trello is an all-in-one project management software you can carry with you anywhere. It’s used to manage projects, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity for a faster and better project outcome.

It uses the Kanban-style of boards where you move a task to a new chapter or step once it’s accomplished. It makes managing projects and their workflow seamless. Users may create unique boards and lists with cards that incorporate files, links, checklists, due dates, and more using its simple and easy interface.

You can customize your boards with ready-made templates available. It also allows integration with other tools like Slack, Dropbox, etc.



Communication Software

Communication is essential to all businesses of any size. It helps tackle issues, collaborate, manage projects, build relationships with customers, and more.

There is no need to go through a lengthy process of delivering a message or rely on emails at all. Now, you can provide instant messages and get answers as fast as you need them.

Communication tools are now comprehensive and allow teams to collaborate faster. It provides an efficient workflow process.

Tools for communication not only allow teams to send messages but permit video and audio calls, live presentations, sharing files, etc.


Slack is an excellent software for better communication and streamlines all project communication within the business. You can have real-time messaging, collaboration, and feedback.

You can create channels to manage communication faster per project or team. These channels can be private or public.

In addition, you can share files, schedule meetings, add third-party applications, and more. The search function makes it easy to look for a message or file. This eliminates the need to scroll through loads of chats and information. You can also mention a person to get their attention.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another communication tool on our list. Why? If your business uses the Office 365 software, it’s generally the best communication tool to integrate with. However, Teams can also work as a standalone application.

This chat-based collaboration platform offers more than real-time messaging. It permits audio calls and recordings, video calls, online meetings, file sharing, and integration with Office 365 and other tools.

Teams can work with a small number of employees to more than hundreds.

Like Slack, you can create channels for each department for seamless collaboration. It has fast online video calling and screen sharing that can support discussions between members. Furthermore, there is the integration of SharePoint, document storage, for file sharing.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Understanding your customers delivers a better way to drive growth and success. CRM software is a tool that can analyze customers and their interactions with them.

This tool provides crucial business insights and assistance that is linked with current and past customers, leads, etc. Identifying your data, trends, and multiple channels improves the overall operation and value of your business.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is the most outstanding CRM tool. It fits any business size and makes it accessible always.

It works with businesses whether it’s in-office or remote work. Furthermore, it offers an improvement in the leads, increasing sales, and measures the overall performance of campaigns.

Zoho CRM is flexible for businesses, allowing them to customize themes, styles, reports, and forms. It’s easy to make them with the drag-and-drop feature.

Here are some features of Zoho CRM:

  • Classifies leads based on sources and filters to help sales representatives improvise on their pitch or approach to these leads.
  • Provides all details from the moment you get the lead to all the reports.
  • Tracking customer calls in a few clicks. It allows sales representatives to schedule calls and answers to satisfy customers.
  • Integration with other apps for better workflow and better collaboration.
  • Zoho mobile for easier access and faster response.

Time-Tracking Software

Time-tracking software is for managing time and documentation of work performance. As time is a crucial source for businesses, time-tracking software can help employers check if employees are working on their tasks.

Time management software can track employees’ time and performance which help see areas of your business that need more time.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an application that monitors the activities of employees. It offers multiple services from payroll and project management. So, everything is integrated to help managers easily check on tasks, payments, and projects accomplished.

It monitors both the mouse and keyboard activity, getting screenshots at different intervals, and confirms employees are working on a task.

Other features of Time Doctor

  • Distraction alerts: It sends users alerts informing them they have gone off-track on their task.
  • Email notifications: Managers receive notifications or alerts regarding performances. These notifications can be customized depending on some triggers.
  • Works on multiple devices or operating systems.
  • It allows offline tracking.

These are the crucial computer software programs that businesses should have to help them with their tasks and improve their productivity. There are other software programs too, but it depends on how the business operates.

There is a wide selection of software for digital marketing, website building, online payment, cybersecurity, etc.



Knowing your business is the first step to identify the software your company may need.

If you are familiar with what can help your business, you can now proceed to find a tool for that concern.

You don’t need the most expensive software for your business. Instead, look for one that offers the features that cover your requirements and allow you to adjust your premium plan as your business grows.

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