Locked-down businesses have caused such a disruption to the economic sector as the pandemic continues to rage on. As a result, millions of companies, from SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) to large-scale enterprises, have suffered the unfortunate loss of their business. Furthermore, thousands more remain struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

With no sure end in sight, strict social distancing measures continue to stay in effect in many countries. Although it is significant in preserving human life, it is not looking too good for businesses that cannot operate as usual.

For businesses that rely on foot traffic, it is time to discover new normal business strategies to keep the business thriving amid the global pandemic. It is possible to revive locked-down businesses in 2021, especially through the strategic use of marketing technology.

How to Revive Locked-Down Businesses in the New Normal

Like so many others, if your business has taken a hit during the pandemic, you are probably looking for quick fixes to help revive it this 2021. To guide you in the right direction, here are ways to take action to get your business back on the right track today using tried and tested marketing technologies available today.



Spruce up Your Website


The digital economy is booming as a considerable portion of the world’s population stays home to work, study, and other daily activities. Online shopping increased exponentially in 2020 and is now a staple for almost all kinds of businesses.

If you do not have a website yet, it is time to establish an online presence for your business. Having an online presence is a marketing technology that serves as a building block for your business’s brand in the new normal.  Moving your business online is the first step to revive your locked-down business.

If you already have a website, ensure that it is eCommerce-ready so you can accommodate customer acquisition, lead generation, and sales through your website.

It means that your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be in check as well.

Is your website discoverable on the Internet?

It is crucial to invest in SEO because it is the digital world’s version of a flyer or billboard. If people do not discover you online, how will they know about your business and what you offer?


Sprucing up your website includes using the right keyword strategies in your content title, images, and tags. In addition, check your site’s speed and overall performance. An unsecured site will not just put customers in danger of malware attacks, viruses, and data breaches but will also put your business’ integrity on the line.

Make the necessary tweaks and improvements to maximize user experience and encourage a steadier traffic flow. If you do not have your marketing team, you can outsource one to handle SEO for your website.

Although establishing a high SERP ranking does not happen overnight, you can be assured that you will rank in time with the right SEO strategies. Update your content and web design and spruce up your website as necessary.

Web design has a significant role in businesses, so make sure your web design in 2021 fits the trends.



Your Services Can be Streamed or Video-chatted


To continue to provide access to your customers at home, go digital with your services. Tutors, personal coaches, and even psychiatrists are making themselves available virtually. To start providing remote services to your market, use free apps like Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom.

Video marketing is a marketing technology that quickly boosts traffic and lead generation for your business. Consider creating a Vimeo channel where customers can pay for videos with the frequently requested content. Vimeo employs a paywall to charge consumers for access to your content.


Source: softvire.com.au


Start a YouTube channel because you can monetize your videos on this most popular video streaming platform. Invest in ways to increase your YouTube views because it can easily augment your business profits if your site gains many followers and viewers.

For example, an accountant may use a free application like Loom to record their screen and share it with their email list to demonstrate how to start a tax return. For customers who need to repair appliances or do simple fixes at home, a business involved in this line of work can start posting videos showing how to do in-home repairs.

While you won’t spend as much as you will with normal services, it will assist with cash flow in the meantime. You can also provide the tools they would need through your website. Whatever tool or equipment you used on the video, provide a link where your viewers can purchase those items for their home project. Provide options like door-to-door delivery or pick-up services at your warehouse to promote your business as well.



Stay Connected with Customers


It is essential to stay connected with your customers, especially when transitioning your locked-down business online. Check on them through personalized emails, which is very efficient marketing technology. Don’t push selling at the onset, as it may turn your customers off, especially since you do not know the intensity of the pandemic’s effect on them.

You can start by sending some encouragement, which people need more these days. Let them know that you are finding ways to continue serving their needs and how they can continue to reach you. Provide your website details, whether you already have an existing one or you just launched your website.

You can provide a link to a unique landing page that provides a little bit more details. For instance, the landing page can be about the link they can go to if they want to order products from you again. You can also survey your social media accounts. In this way, you can gather information about what products or services they urgently need from you and how they want to receive them.

For example, if you are a publishing company, you can survey whether they still want to buy printed books or if they prefer eBooks instead. If the majority answers eBooks, you need to tweak your products and include eBook versions of your products.

By staying in contact with your customers, you discover their pressure points during these moments of considerable uncertainty. You can then adapt your product or service offering to meet their evolving desires and needs.

The goal is to make it easy for them to engage with and purchase from your company. Make a conscious and consistent effort to personally ask these questions to your customers, whether by email or via social media.

Even if you believe you know what is going on in their lives and how they feel about your business, you will still get usable insight from their answers. Remember that your customers’ needs and behaviors will most likely change in a time of crisis, so you need to learn how to adapt quickly.

Listening and learning from your customers is one of the wonders of marketing technology you need to recognize and utilize.

For instance, if your target market is mostly married and with family, even if you are not in the edutech business, you can find out how you may assist your customers. They are probably juggling between doing their jobs remotely and navigating through distance learning in the new normal.

You can provide articles in your website’s blog about their most pressing concerns and struggles and echo the campaign in your social media accounts.

You can also provide public information about the latest news and updates in your area regarding the pandemic and government measures that may affect your customers.

Brands that show empathy and concern for their customers during this challenging season will boost your brand reputation and increase customer acquisition and lead generation.



Organize an Online Event


Canceled activities have been the most important source of distress for specific merchants.

Recognize why most people crave entertainment when they are locked up at home since it is where live streaming and online events can help. Almost all social media platforms now have live streaming options, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and the like.

If you were planning a shop opening, new launch, or anniversary party, switch it to one of the social media networks that provide live streaming. It’s an excellent way to keep your customers engaged and nurture your brand’s relationship with them. So, when you start selling your products or offering your services, that trust and goodwill you established with them come as a benefit.

Even if they are at home, you still make your consumers feel invested in your company and engaging with your website’s content.



Boost Your Team’s efficiency


COVID-19 has not only had an impact on industries, but it has also resulted in the loss of many employees. However, your team members are the most valuable asset to you and your business.

They could make the difference between reviving your locked-down business or shutting it down for good.

Take advantage of this opportunity to support the upskilling of your workforce, educate them on new trends, and show them how to use relevant resources to boost their morale and competitiveness even more.

Most notably, make an effort to be open to the teams and to support their mental health. All are under duress right now. Be a leader who is concerned about their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

If you take care of your team, your team takes care of you and your business.



Source: softvire.com.au


Adversities may come unannounced, but business owners can harness the adversities to their advantage. Wielded in the hand of a modern-day business owner, adversities can pave the way for innovation and positive change.

In light of pandemic, we have seen a surge in new normal business solutions in response to this time’s pressing concerns and issues. It opens opportunities for better businesses that can adapt to the changing times.

Using the right marketing technology levels the playing field between large-scale enterprises and startups.


The quality that will set your business apart is your passion for success and unwavering commitment to keep trying, moving, and serving the community amid adversity.

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