CRM software is essential for every business – some of these solutions are quite expensive but there are also other solutions perfect for smaller businesses. No matter the cost efficiency, CRM solutions will help deliver everything you need in order to take care of your clients. 


The role of CRM has evolved beyond customer management tools – modern CRMs enable people to manage customer relationships with ease. 


Customers are the key to your company’s growth, and successful relationships will prove worthy for your company brand and position. CRM helps you scale personalized interactions and create consistent experiences across your company.

Source: Salesforce, Make the CRM the foundation of your customer-obsessed strategy


What is CRM?

A CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – it is a tool that helps your business manage customers’ data. Such data can be utilized for generating reports and insights alleviating automation of marketing and sales processes, forecast future figures and more. There are many CRM solutions on the market, each tailored to help businesses achieve different objectives. 




Top Benefits of a CRM System


Check out below how CRM systems can help grow your business.


Improved Customer Service and Analytics

It is vital to build trust before any sales. 

Understand your customers’ challenges and quickly learn what matters to them (preferences,  goals etc.) and tailor your recommendations appropriately. By collecting such data, you can recommend customized offers or education content that may help your customers with decision-making. 

Keep in mind that customers love personalized experience hence CRM is an excellent choice as you can set up reminders, host email templates and gain a 360-degree view of the entire customer lifecycle. 


Today, consistency is the new bar for quality service – if your departments have immediate access to customers’ complete history, they can provide more satisfying service. In other words, smoother interaction builds trust and encourages repeat purchase. Additionally, your departments can prepare for eventual problems easier and solve them faster.  


The recent report from Hubspot revealed that winning new clients can be 5-25 times more expensive than to keep the existing ones. 

Retaining your customers is the key to your long-term success. 

Increase Sales

New customers are important for continued growth however, it is not easy to attract them. With CRM, you can offset new customer acquisition costs through sales and gain greater visibility into the upsell and cross-sell opportunities within your customer portfolio. 


CRM solutions provide easier sales management – from territory coverage and acquiring leads, to closing deals and measuring satisfaction, all the details are recorded in your CRM software helping you develop better sales strategies. 


CRM can identify high and low value customers hence you can set priorities, create customer reward programs or conduct more personalized services to increase conversion rates. If you are able to detect weaknesses, like missed calls or unanswered emails, it will give you a chance to act on it at once and improve these issues. 


Furthermore, CRM software can capture all your interactions with customers no matter the communication channel. You can embed forms on your website to obtain contact information, search through social media to generate leads based on user activity and integrate all the data into automated, personalized marketing campaigns. 


In short, CRM can help you make more sales faster, at a higher value and for less cost. 


Increase Employee Productivity

If you adopt the right technologies for your business, you will unchain your teams from tedious tasks and provide more time for them to connect with customers and monitor user behaviour more closely. 

Manual operations, like searching for lead contact information or entering data manually, will be completely replaced with automation enabling your employees to spend more time talking to prospects or customers. Such an approach to your customers will strengthen the relationships which are proven to be the foundation of every successful purchase. 


Finally, the main benefit of automation is that your sales, marketing and customer service employees can focus more on what matters the most – attracting and nurturing your customers. 


Improved Customer Communication

CRM will enable you to quickly respond to your customers by consolidating both customer and business data in one platform. Once you receive any calls or emails, they will be directed to the appropriate department or agent. 


It also helps you organize and respond to all customer queries, whether via the website, social media or any other communication channel. These solutions are linked to the customers’ profiles so you can quickly learn more about your shoppers and their buying habits which will allow you to provide more effective responses. 


Automation is a great benefit as you can send out personalized responses to customers so they can understand their issue is being handled. 


Informed Marketing Campaigns 

As already said above, CRM can be used to monitor and evaluate entire sales history – it can provide details like who purchased which product and how many of them, the way of payment or what problems they faced. This approach will allow you to reach smart decisions in your future campaigns. 


Without unified data, you would not be able to adjust sales strategies and make market projections. Manual work would take you days and days while a CRM can both aggregate sales and break down customer profiles by categorization like location, payment type or preferences.


Streamlined Collaboration

If you implement a CRM solution to your business operations, your sales employees will be able to track the pipeline and identify marketing influences. They can make necessary edits, record specific actions or generate relevant insights where all the activities are centrally consolidated and accessible to anyone who needs it. 


CRM can also be used to share emails and documents for everyone to be updated – it encourages data-driven sales activities. All the information is systematized thus it minimizes repetitive actions and reduces operational inefficiencies. A strong CRM platform can be adapted to any type of companies or organizations providing effective collaboration, even if your salespeople are working remotely.


Most importantly, CRM keeps stakeholders across the company on the same page. This is extremely important in companies where departments are spread across different locations or get involved at different stages of the process. With all the data within reach, your business will be better prepared for future growth. 


Improved Data Security

Modern businesses are based on electronic data – transactions, customer preferences, social media interaction etc., which enable professionals to make business projections and engage customers with personalized messages. 


CRM is a centralized platform for all your sales or customer information – you can share it with your employees both in-house and remote and have all the information coordinated properly. 


With CRM, all the sensitive data (financial or personal) is kept in a secure location instead of being scattered around archives. 

Structuring and securing sensitive information can be much more simple with a CRM ecosystem. In CRM, you can control user access and set limits for different system roles –  additionally, you can monitor channels for signs of data breaches or malware. 


CRM software makes it quicker and easier to protect data, provide quick solutions and help you make data-driven decisions for your business. 


Data-driven Decisions

As mentioned above, one of the greatest benefits of CRM is that it compiles all your customers’ data in one place – a central database contains all details relevant for your customers for you to reach data-driven decisions for your business growth. 


CRM solutions allow you to measure almost anything from your customer sentiment, their satisfaction to your sales performance or which marketing campaign performed the best etc. You can create dashboards based on different filter options like demographics, preferences, location etc., and target specific parts of the audience with your marketing campaigns for the biggest impact. 


All of these insights will help your business remove guesswork from planning for the future and set up business goals more accurately. You can leverage insights about your customers, sales or marketing performance, etc. and reach data driven decisions from analytics tools no matter if you want to improve your products or customer service. 


Final Word

Once you go ahead with CRM, start with testing out a free CRM platform – it would be a great way to discover how it can help your business and give a better idea on how it would work the best for your business. 

When running a business, you will soon realize that, no matter the size, each business has goals and CRM solutions can help your business achieve those goals faster. Your team will be more efficient, customer service will improve and your small business will thrive.


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