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Efficient project management is the key for a successful project, no matter if it is a smaller scale project lasting for a couple of weeks or a long-term project involving a big team. A project manager adjusts their practice to their team, client and the nature of the project, so they can positively respond to all the challenges they face on a daily basis. This makes the project managers’ work dynamic, making it difficult to provide answers to questions like:

  • “What does a project manager’s working day look like?”
  • “What does a project manager actually do?”


That was the very reason why our project managers decided to provide answers to these questions in their handbook and share their experience which can be invaluable to all those involved in similar projects or planning their career in the IT industry. 

The handbook was based on their experience while managing a three-year IT project within the sports betting industry. The handbook contains various tips and techniques on how to maintain the high level of quality of the project. One of the most important tips in this handbook refers to proper planning as the key element for a successful project. A project manager has to carefully examine all the project aspects prior to heading towards the execution. It involves defining a goal of the project, identification of potential risks, team selection, budget and timeline estimation as well as defining the key steps in the project plan. 

Although we described in details in the handbook how do we plan the project, what do we think of Scrum, how do we use JIRA tool and organize versions of the application, we did not stop solely on the ‘manager’ tasks –  we also wrote about all the things responsible for the success of the project, where we consider the team being the most meritorious. That is why we shared with you what does every team member does, including:

  • UX/UI designer 
  • System architect 
  • System administrator    
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • “Quality assurance“ (QA)
  • Project managers


Since project managers spend the majority of time communicating with various people, we shared some tips on good presentation and speaking skills. We’ve recommended different courses and books which can help you become a project manager with whom people would like to work, and that is the greatest commendation and an indicator that you do things well. 



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