AI has firmly entered the daily life and professional activities of many specialists. Algorithms help automate routine actions and make work more efficient. It also applies to link-building strategies. Of course, you can order all in one backlink package and get the finished product.

However, to get down to business on your own, you must first work with modern technologies and master effective backlinks AI SEO tools.


The Importance of Backlinks

When it comes to website promotion, backlinks play an important role. They are the decisive factor in determining the effectiveness of your site in terms of search engines such as Google. Backlinks are links that point to your site from third-party web resources. If you doubt the usefulness of this promotion tool, read the opinion of Martal Group experts.

One of the primary uses of backlinks is to increase your site’s authority. When other web resources link to your site, it counts as a vote of trust and quality. The more links you have, especially from relevant and authoritative sites, the higher your site will rank. It means your site will be more accessible for users to discover when searching for related queries. And for the most effective backlink building, implement the following tips on using AI for SEO rankings.




AI for SEO

In SEO promotion, AI tools also help reduce specialists’ workload and take on several monotonous tasks, such as selecting keywords and writing texts. Yes, many still do not trust AI, but you can use machine algorithms to automate processes.


What tasks can AI be used for:

  • semantics clustering;
  • analysis and tracking of keywords;
  • writing and generating texts;
  • classification of request types;
  • automation of the purchase of rental links;
  • definition of LSI words in search engines;
  • link search;
  • tag management;
  • optimization and distribution of content.


The number of tasks that AI can perform strikes the imagination. It all depends on your goals and how much data you process and are ready to give to AI.


AI-Based SEO Tools

If you want AI-powered tools in your comprehensive strategy, let’s list the platforms useful for SEOs to solve daily tasks.



Clearscope is a content optimization platform that drives search traffic. Platform tools help in creating SEO texts. The plugin is installed on the site and integrated with Google Docs.

To use Clearscope after installation, select it in Google Docs from the list of add-ons, set a link in the document, and start optimizing your content for search queries!


Google Trends

Google Trends is also an AI-powered tool. Collecting relevant topics and writing articles that can bring high-quality and organic traffic to the site is necessary. This free AI SEO content instrument is beneficial.


Chat GPT

It is a sensational artificial intelligence tool that can generate texts as similar as possible to human ones. The GPT chat is trained on a large array of English-language data. The tool’s capabilities include search for information and content generation by topics. You can also explore the keys and compose a semantic core for your project. But the main thing in its use is balance. Because AI can also throw errors, generate spam and create wrong text.



Writesonic solution creates and optimizes SEO texts. To do this, you need to enter an essential query. The tool will select a topic and write the appropriate text. It is suitable for optimizing already finished articles and for finding new relevant issues. Of the minuses, it can also give errors or generate text that does not quite correspond to the topic.



Midjourney creates images from short text descriptions. These are abstract and surreal pictures that you can use for your articles and covers.


Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a platform for building internal links. Offers links you can use in posts and texts on your resource. Such links affect your ranking and heightens the visibility of your resource. The platform recommends link building and suggests internal links from your editing material. To use this tool, you need to install a WordPress plugin.


Alli AI

Alli AI can perform many SEO tasks, including finding errors on the site and recommending how to fix these errors. Searching for changes in Google and adapting the site to these changes. Link search, resource optimization, and traffic forecasting.

The tool is quite versatile. To use it, you need to install the code on the site. The system will provide recommendations you can apply or cancel anytime. Applying these tips will significantly improve the performance of your resource. In this case, you will spend very little time, because the main part of the work will be done by the program. All you have to do is accept the changes you want.

In addition, thanks to the free trial period, you can test the functionality of the program.

No need to think that you need a powerful computer to optimize your resources. You can use software for off-page SEO, even on your smartphone. It is not only convenient but also allows you to optimize anytime and anywhere.


Main Advantages of AI

The main advantage of Artificial Intelligence lies in its wide possibilities. The algorithm collects and analyzes such an amount of data that the average person never dreamed of. Programs work around the clock, they do not need lunch breaks, they are not distracted and do not get sick. The human brain simply cannot process that much data.

As a result, the SEO strategy becomes more effective and makes your site more visible to visitors. You get an excellent and multifunctional tool that will set you apart from your competitors and get more sales opportunities.




Artificial Intelligence cannot replace human responsiveness, at least not yet. However, this is just a tool, the effectiveness of which depends on the skills of the master. It will help you get rid of routine tasks, speed up data processing and increase the efficiency of ordinary actions.

The integration of neural networks into work boosts its efficiency, but does not relieve the need to control progress. It will be especially useful for building a link base, since this process consists of easily optimized actions.



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