Long time ago, doing anything related to your job through mobile phones apart from making calls and sending sms seemed surreal.

However, going mobile has become a common thing now and people hardly remember how things were done without mobile phones.

Many businesses are still on a crossroad whether to rely on a mobile app to perform their business tasks or not. No matter the size, companies must remain competitive in the relevant industry and using a mobile app to do the relevant tasks is an effective way to do so.


As per Mindsea collected statistics, mobile users spend 87% of their time using mobile apps versus only 13% on the web.

Today, mobile technology plays a vital role in our professional lives – whether it’s sharing information, connecting with colleagues, basic communication or other. This way, companies enable their workforce to be more efficient and deliver better results. Using the power of intuitive and interactive mobile apps can result in completing various tasks like administrative, marketing, CRM ones and other management tasks.

Mobile apps can help you to modernize the approach to your workload.

Let’s see what kind of business ‘tasks’ can be done more effectively with a mobile app.

Business Sectors for Use of Mobile Apps

Customer Relationship Management

CRM through mobile app can help standardize the sales process starting from lead conversion to report design and performance evaluation. It’s a valuable tool not only for conversion rates, sales records or history but also for each team member’s record of performance within services, products or customers. Some of the main key features are email integration, lead tracking, automatic data saving, managing sales pipelines, keeping records on both, leads and sales pipeline and much more.



Mobile apps have the potential to improve the speed and efficiency of HR staff. There are various HR app solutions available nowadays but you can always partner up with a mobile development company to build a customized software application tailored as per your specific business needs. The usage can range from providing access to the employees at anytime, guiding employees to direct questions to the right place and person, enabling promotion of specific initiatives or events all the way to the distribution of important HR information.



Similar to the HR, recruitment process may become less stressful and more efficient with a simple mobile app. Although it sounds overwhelming due to the fact that the recruiters might work even when not at their desks, it actually simplifies the work process – recruiters that go mobile can schedule an interview with a single click, track the task or a scheduled appointment, quickly update the task status and most importantly, communicate with the candidate at any time. It was estimated that 63% of job seekers look for job openings from a mobile device whilst only 16% of global employers have a mobile carrier site so do your own math!


Accounting and Payroll

When it comes to payroll, nobody likes mistakes or any types of irregularities. Mobile apps for payroll will eliminate such errors and any kind of delay in payment. Things you can do better are tracking all standard information (dates, demographics etc.), including multiple ways to pay the employees, then no paper involvement and possibility to customize privacy and security features.

It is similar to accounting where errors are unacceptable hence using a mobile app can reduce errors – no matter which industry you’re operating within, accounting covers a wide range of tasks like measuring and communication of financial information. You can create a customized mobile app as per your needs or you can choose the ones already available at the market. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that you can enable customizable reporting, store and analyze relevant data to generate insight and maintain accounting system error free and paperless.

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Customer Support

Customer support can facilitate its process with a mobile app, especially when it comes to maintaining post-purchase loyalty as customers feel more connected if able to reach you 24/7 with the operating tool. Your customer support can easily deal with inbound ticket requests from any channels like email, web, social, chat or other and it can be an easy way for your customers to quickly find what they need thus minimizing their frustration. Customer support apps also enable self-service account features, send push notifications, promote incentives or reward programs or allow the payment of bills through the app. Some of the well known apps are Zendesk, Salesforce Desk, Slack and many more customer service apps.


Dispatch and Scheduling

Scheduling and dispatch are integral parts of both, large companies or small businesses no matter if they are just electrical contractors or cleaning/transportation companies or other. Almost any company today has been involved in scheduling or dispatch of the field agents or team, regardless of the size. Mobile apps can greatly help with smart planning and scheduling calendar boards, quick estimates and invoicing, work-order design, managing and organizing all employees, their roles and routes and creating business reports. There are many apps on the market for scheduling or dispatch which you can use without any costly custom-tailored app. In case you’re a transportation or logistics industry, you might need a more robust app to support all the required processes like route and truck tracking, GPS tracking, certifying delivery of necessary paperwork for border crossings etc. Some of the fleet management apps are Onfleet, Fleetio, Fleet Management, GoFleet and there are more apps which you can use and facilitate the complex process for your workers.



Marketing today resembles a fast pace race where marketing leaders are turning to mobile apps to gain a competitive edge in the market. Nowadays there are numerous apps for marketers not only to help them to launch a campaign but also to measure the results from scratch like following metrics to facilitate evaluation, data analysis, the amount of time spent on a certain activity etc.

Such mobile apps enable sales and communication within the organization, promote assistance of internal employees, keep end-users interested and much more.

There are many apps tailored specifically for marketing needs so you should dive into research first and find your perfect match before you set off your marketing campaign.


Final Thought

There are many mobile apps today and choosing the right one for your business can automate tedious tasks which can be performed from anywhere and at anytime. If you wish to survive the competition and join the race, you would need to try out mobile apps capability to make your business more profitable.


Not only can you improve your performance and profit, but you can also increase agility within the company – since mobile apps are ubiquitous, you should use it to your advantage and help your business to modernize the way of workload management.

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