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Bravo Majstore – Delmax app preview
Bravo Majstore – Delmax mobile app

Delmax is a leading company in Serbia that provides spare parts and other goods for vehicle maintenance, as well as the equipment and technical software for daily operations of car workshop garages. As of their start back in 1990, Delmax has grown to more than 40 retails shops covering Serbia because they follow continuous improvement of their professional knowledge and business services as the only business direction of the company. 

As Delmax follows the latest global tech and IT solutions, they decided to invest in development of a mobile application that will facilitate the purchase process for their customers and also make the entire communication process more effective – that is where Zesium stepped in as a technical partner.  

The strategic goal of the company is to cover 99% of needs of car workshop garages within their daily business operations, high quality information flow and ordering process combined with on time spare parts delivery. 


Bravo Majstore is a mobile application for Delmax registered users to be able to review the current offers and improve their purchase process as well as to engage with their clients and offer more personalized services.  



  • To reach higher level of digitization of the purchase process and communication for their customers 


  • To connect and engage their clients and customers


  • To enable Delmax admins to monitor and manage the entire process in real time


  • To offer clients the loyalty programs (collecting points, rewarding system, discounts etc.)


  • To personalize content for their customers
Bravo Majstore – Delmax mobile app
Bravo Majstore – Delmax mobile app



  • Zesium developed an Android mobile application Bravo Majstore which helped the purchase process become digitized and more efficient. Customers can see customized offers in the application and make a purchase directly in the BravoMajstore app without any difficulties. Customers can browse offered items, add them to their basket or a wishlist facilitating certain parts of the purchase process



  • Bravo Majstore mobile app enables Delmax to connect to their customers and engage them on their loyalty project. The application enables customers to register and manage their own Delmax account (check the offers for offered items, complete a purchase, browse products as per their own filtering and save the chosen products to favourites, check their collected points and more)


  • Delmax Admin App enables admins to browse ample information. Admins can check details on their partners such as company details, participation related to a specific project (gumamax, toolmax, etc.), etc. Admins can manage the projects (create, add members or items, manage categories, etc). and invoices by filtering invoices per custom parameters, editing the order forms, and more. Via Web App, admins can manage the campaigns, Ads and work tasks/events and manage the financials. Admins always have insight into debt status and can generate various reports and perform comparative or revenue analysis related to a specific project.


  • Customers are given the opportunity to collect points with each regular purchase. Such rewarding and loyalty programs engage customers and provide them with the best service possible. Long term customers are given a chance to earn points for their loyalty which they can use later for their future purchases. 


  • Delmax went the extra mile for their users and wanted to provide them with personalized content. Customers receive personalized push notifications on Delmax news and relevant offers, discounts and sale items only relevant to them.
Bravo Majstore – Delmax mobile app
Bravo Majstore – Delmax mobile app



The result of our cooperation with Delmax is a mobile application ‘Bravo Majstore’ which is specifically designed and developed for their customers to enable their easier communication with Delmax. 



Delmax succeeded to offer their customers a new level of customer experience and position themselves as the leader on the market. 


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