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Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store app preview

Serbian company Digital Vision D.O.O. was established in 2008 and to date, they have been focusing on expanding their products offer, improving the merchandise quality and constantly refining their services. 

Digital Vision company deals with wholesale of accessories, spare parts and supporting equipment for mobile phones including import, wholesale, retail sale and assembly of video monitoring systems, alarm and access control systems, GSM equipment and IT peripheral and network equipment.  

Digital Vision has been offering their products via their web portal with a complete product assortment which customers can order online – still, they’ve recognized the necessity for having a mobile app to better serve their B2B and other customers.


Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store mobile app

Zesium was a part of development of two mobile applications for Digital Vision DOO (B2B and B2C) where we developed the frontend part, an Android mobile application and together with our partner Digital Vision, we assisted with the design of the two applications. 

Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store mobile app


  • Enable users to overview the products more easily through categories


  • Allow users to purchase via the mobile app along with the relevant eCommerce features 


  • Enable overview of the purchase history 


  • Display of the currently unavailable items which are in the process of procurement/supply


  • Enable payment options in Digital Vision Webshop mobile app for legal entities


  • We developed two Android apps: Digital Vision Webshop for legal entities (B2B) and 3G Store application for all other customers. These apps enabled shoppers to easily and quickly review the products per introduced categories. 


  • We’ve implemented relevant features within the mobile apps like Basket, Search products per Categories or text input facilitating customers to find what they are looking for. 


  • Purchase history enables customers to overview their past orders and purchases allowing them to re order the same or different products 
Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store mobile app
Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store mobile app
  • Display of currently unavailable items which are in the process of supply enables customers to see which products are not on stock upfront without having to cancel the orders once the Digital Vision staff confirms the availability. This way, customers can plan their purchase for the period when the items will get restocked.


  • The mobile application Digital Vision Webshop, created for legal entities, allows customers to choose which payment option they prefer – whether cash on hands upon delivery or via bank transfer. 


Digital Vision Doo mobile applications have provided customers with an optimized and improved purchase process where they can search, review and purchase products with a click on their mobile phone. 

Having separate mobile applications for legal and natural entities has proved as the right method to facilitate and speed up the entire purchase process for all Digital Vision customers. 

Check Digital Vision DOO mobile apps out on Google Play Store and find any product you are looking for quickly and easily.

Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store mobile app

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