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Hire Node JS Developers For Your Enterprise in 2022

Nowadays, businesses have been substantially upgrading due to intense demands of applications and websites among users. As a result, entrepreneurs either outsource their requirements or select an appropriate company offering solutions on a specific platform.

Although there are many technologies available, the majority of startup owners prefer Node JS for getting their web apps ready. As per 2020 sources, the preference rate for Node JS development purposes went on to 51.4%, as entrepreneurs receive their web applications built rapidly within minimal time. Moreover, business owners today face difficulties in appointing coders able to make new changes. 

Hiring an experienced Node JS developer with sound knowledge of technology and able to work on multiple platforms is a daunting question for many entrepreneurs. Besides that, one of the concerns behind the selection of a specific tech stack is reduction of cost to upgrade a venture digitally by choosing a particular tech stack suitable.

In this post, we will cover various points related to hiring Node JS developers. 

First, let’s explore what Node JS is, some qualities to concentrate on before selecting Node JS developers and benefits of appointing Node JS developers.

What is Node JS?

It is an open-source runtime environment of Javascript for the backend worldwide for creating web applications. Node JS is used to create cross-platform solutions which are compatible to run on multiple platforms, as it’s based on the V8 engine and can execute codes of Javascript outside the web browser.

By opting out Node JS development, solutions for any type of business can be created. Entrepreneurs get a well-organized and flexible application for their enterprises. Hence, the trend is being adopted by startup owners to hire Node JS coders for their ventures from renowned firms to get their jobs done.

SourceČ charumindworks.com

Which Qualities to Focus While Hiring Node JS Developers?

Before hiring the Node JS developers, you should appoint them by examining the following qualities mentioned below:

Error Solving Nature

The coders with skills of solving errors or bugs rapidly must be a perfect pick for you. However, building a web app involves resolving several issues detected during the process. You should appoint a developer who efficiently comes out easily from such results and brings expected output in no time. It is because such programmers assist you in overcoming any issues occurring in applications.


It’s not enough to appoint developers possessing ordinary skills just to make an application. But, as a startup owner, you should search for those who have the ability to work in any situation according to your requirements and should also be capable of taking any action to serve your favorable outcome. You can get to know whether a coder acquires flexibility or not by reviewing the skill sets for your project written by them.


Working with the utmost dedication leads to fruitful outcomes. Similarly, selecting committed programmers in a team would help you to serve practical and valuable solutions to your venture. You can hire such a category of coders by analyzing the growth chart from the beginning of their careers.

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Target Focus

Developers who are ambitious with their goals are helpful for giving the enterprises perfect match applications. Also, appointing such programmers will gradually assist you in getting solutions satisfying current ongoing trends and raising the quality standards of your venture.

Furthermore, many qualities are there to analyze before you hire coders to build the required solution for your venture. Now, you might be wondering in what ways appointing Node JS developers benefits you.

Source: blogarama.com

Perks of Hiring Node Js Developers:

It’s always advantageous to hire Node JS programmers to build an application for your business, but in what ways is mentioned below:

Receive Solution Faster

Node JS can be learned easily, so coders can know the platform effortlessly in terms of coding structure, which consumes minimal time for accomplishing the understanding process and starting development. Due to such characteristics of a platform, it’s sure that you will get your solution as per your expectations within a short duration.

The only thing to keep in mind while hiring programmers is they must be aware of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Because knowing them helps developers understand the code structure of Node JS.

Pocket Friendly

Hiring Node JS coders to create a web app for your venture would assist you in investing less capital. All you are required to ensure that a particular programmer must have a basic knowledge of Node JS working. In addition, it assists you in hiring fewer developers and reducing fees considerably to build a solution, as the entire platform can be utilized by a minimum number of engineers.

Get Scalable Platforms

Scalability is crucial when building a Node JS solution. Appointing appropriate programmers will assist you in receiving a light-weighted, spontaneous application that can be modified according to your needs later on. Moreover, coders can deliver you a platform that can be updated by targeting a few areas efficiently without affecting the rest.

Hence, from the above-discussed beneficial points, you might have got an idea that appointing Node JS programmers for your venture is a perfect move as it helps in building desirable solutions without affecting your pocket considerably.

Source: simform.com

Sum Up

We have clarified for you how to hire Node JS developers for your enterprise, which would assist you in getting an appropriate web app created suitable for your business. 

Today, almost all entrepreneurs are gradually switching to digital fashion, so you should automate your venture by appointing Node JS programmers or trustable technology partners who possess coders with essential qualities. It helps you in achieving a needed solution rapidly, as discussed earlier.

The Benefits of Visual Search for eCommerce and Retailers

Sometimes people want to find a certain product and if they do not know its name or tag, that’s where visual search comes in handy. 

When customers look for a product via an image instead of the keywords, it is called Visual Search. The process involves uploading an image to the visual search engines (Google Lens, Pinterest Lens etc.) which visually display results of either the same item or similar items available. 

Visual search engines are web tools helping users to find details about the item they want to buy by visually scanning through pages of results. 

A good example is Tommy Hilfiger – they introduced an app at a runway show in 2017 allowing visitors to snap photos and upload them to a visual search engine which then presented the same items for sale. 

Source: econsultancy.com

How does Visual Search Work? 

Visual Search exploits Artificial Intelligence technology to enable users search through real-world images rather than through text search. 

It is a combination of Computer Vision and Machine Learning – the first helps machines to both see and interpret the objects on the image, while the latter provides information to understand what is presented in the image. 

Visual Search enables users to find specific details about products, services or specific people on the web and other digital media. 

It has become more and more important as users mostly search for information and entertainment on digital media nowadays and Visual Search can perform on various devices (computers, smartphones, and tablets). 

Visual search will only grow in popularity because it facilitates the search process for users as digital media continues to evolve. 

Check the tips below on how to optimize for visual search:

Source: blog.red-website-design.co.uk

Benefits of Visual Search for Retailers

Visual Search is highly useful for the eCommerce stores since users can search for products they wish for quickly and find exact spots where to buy them online. 

Visual Search can make shopping experience much easier for customers – such an approach can yield uptick in revenue and customer acquisition for store owners. 

If you make it simpler and easier for users to find what they’re interested in, you will already bring them one step closer to making a purchase. 

Take a look at some key benefits of visual search for retailers who decide to go down the road of visual search.

From Search to Conversion More Quickly

Visual search helps customers to find the product without having to think about the right keywords – the easier you make it for your customers, the less hassle will be in achieving sales.

When Forever 21 conducted a study, they recorded an almost 20-30% increase in conversion for product categories that used visual search. 

Visual search is quick and efficient – everything modern shoppers appreciate today. It can easily scan a large number of result pages to find what you’re looking for, without you having to scroll endlessly through long lists of pages. 

Source: minttwist.com

Integrating Online and Offline Shopping Experiences

No matter if you have brick-and-mortar store or a mobile app, you should strive to offer multichannel shopping experience for your customers as they increasingly want the shopping process to be as effortless as possible.

With visual search, you can integrate online and offline shopping experiences to offer  – your customers will easily find a wide variety of products on your website or an app plus it will create a connection between your online store and your customers. 

Less Noise 

The ‘noise’ of eCommerce is a common hurdle for in-store sellers. 

When users perform a simple web search it leads to hundreds of pages of almost identical products.  Connecting your customers to a visual search ensures you provide the results on your available products. 

This helps cut through the noise of online shopping making it easier for customers to reach their purchase decisions. It also helps them to see specifically what YOU have to offer. 

Source: framethreesixteen.com

Funding of Social Proof and Word of Mouth

Social proof and word of mouth are still considered as the most effective marketing strategies in the eCommerce industry but those are quite tough to track. 

Word of mouth does not worth much if customers cannot figure out where that celebrity dress came from or which brand made their favorite influencer’s makeup. 

Visual search will help you bridge that gap by providing a direct connection between these favored products and your brand. 

Easier Measuring of Success

Visual search performance is something the brand owners can track and measure easily. When customers use visual search and proceed to purchase that same product or a similar one, the brand owner will find it easy to trace the sale back to visual search technology. 

Store owners can check the insights if and when consumers clicked on visual search results, which styles they’ve explored and when they made their purchase. This data enables them to pinpoint the particular products that frequently convert on visual search making it easy to increase the efforts that drive sales. 

If you, as a shop owner, monitor traffic that comes from visual search in Google Analytics, you can check all the relevant details like how many customers clicked to product pages and the conversions – both rates and amount. The result is – you will know exactly how many sales are driven by visual search technology. 

Source: smallbiztrends.com

Wider Reach 

New generations now discover brands through social apps and most of them are looking to purchase directly from the platforms – there has never been a better time to get your brand discovered outside of traditional search fields. 

Placing ads and providing visual search will give you an opportunity to reach a wider audience and keep the pace with the newer generation demands. 

Trust is critical in helping customers move towards a potential purchasing decision. Retail vertical strategy lead at Pinterest Amy Vener said that visual discovery allows shoppers to generate a more emotional connection, which turns into less price sensitivity. 

This way, you can open your gates to new generations and new customers and witness your growing audience of customers. 

Increased Revenue

Although visual search is a significant investment, the sites can look forward to the opportunity of vastly increased revenues. 

According to Gartner, early adopters of both visual and voice search will find their profit increased by as much as 30% by 2022

Source: blog.red-website-design.co.uk


The next level for your business can definitely be visual search – if you include it into your strategy, you will enable your clients to find what they want quickly and easily.

By using effective strategies like keyword density and alternate text (ALT tags), you can provide your users with everything they need in order to find what they’re looking for, without having to spend much time scrolling through long lists of pages.

Internship at Zesium

Zesium is a company that values knowledge and willingness to learn – the same reason inspired us to start our internship program. 

No matter the area of expertise, Zesium gives the opportunity to graduates and specialists interested in gaining work experience in the industry and taking an important step in building a solid career. 

Our new interns: Suncica Miladinovic (iOS), Andjela Misic (Android), Marija Milojevic (QA), Dejana Pavlovic (Frontend), Nikola Djurovic (iOS), Nikola Djukic (Backend) i Vladimir Petrovic (Backend).

Although we are a software consultancy company, it is not only software development that we focus on, but also on honing and upgrading our team’s skills other than the area of expertise. 

Software development projects tend to be complex and multifaceted – during the process, things can change quickly and it is important for the entire team to know how to best handle the risks. To complete projects on time and within the budget, it is the project managers that must engage in efficient planning, organization and monitoring. 

Our latest internship was held in the field of Project Management (PM). It involves use of various policies, procedures and principles to plan, implement and complete the project. 

Project Management Interns: Nikolina Sarajlic and Sara Mandic together with our Project Manager Milan Lisica

In IT companies, project managers have to tie everything together at every stage of software development. It is them who must make sure that everything goes according to the plan, watch the budget and achieve the goals. 

Project Management internship in Zesium included some main areas that we covered with our interns as follows:

  • Introduction to IT project management (team members, project types and stages etc.)
  • Project preparation (project estimation, creating project specification and the team etc.)
  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban etc.)
  • Jira tool setup (creating epics, stories, sprint organization, elements etc.)
  • Project management (PM daily, weekly and monthly activities, project progress monitoring, project risks, planning sprints and prioritizing, writing User Stories, team meetings and communication with the client etc.)
  • PM Tools (Jira, Confluence, GSuite, Slack, Zoom, Adobe XD, Photoshop etc.)
  • Introduction to the basic technical terms (software architecture and components,development environment, Bitbucket/GIT etc.
  • Introduction to UI/UX design principles, backend and frontend as well as to QA process
HR presentation for our new interns

However, at Zesium, it is not only Project Management that was on the plate to learn about. Besides the main areas, our interns have the ability to learn about other skills essential when working with people and within the deadlines. 

Some of the other skills important for Project Managers (and other roles) we support are nurturing your own passion to learn new software development practices, developing analytical capabilities and flexibility at work, enabling you to listen actively and manage your time as well as to upgrade your communication skills for various situations.

Due to the recent pandemic situation, some of our employees are still remote, thus we also pay close attention to develop an ability to manage remote teams and build trust with your team peers. 

Our iOS interns: Suncica Miladinovic and Nikola Djurovic

Apart from the skills mentioned above, we encourage our interns to learn additional skills that will help them enter the business environment more confidently and we also educate them how to:

  • Prepare the ‘ground’ before they go to the holiday
  • Successfully present and talk to people as well as efficiently organize meetings
  • Grow a culture of providing feedback
  • Responsibly behave whilst working in a company

As our motto is ‘We Always Take a Step Further’, we consistently provide more value for our interns through lectures and advising on various topics like efficient Skype communication, building your personal brand, advising on how to successfully manage remote teams and achieve attention to details in the work.

QA internship: Team Leader Anja Latinovic and Marija Milojevic

Throughout the entire internship process, our interns are always recommended the best resources and literature to upgrade their skills and learn more at their own pace. 

No matter if you’re enrolled in Android, iOS, backend or QA internship, you will get a chance to learn more about other job roles and get familiar with certain parts of their work and acquire a wide knowledge on software development in a company. 

The internship is important to us because we do not only educate interns to gain technical knowledge but also to learn how to interact with professionals in a workplace setting and develop essential soft skills like time management, adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork. 

If it sounds good and you’re interested, feel free to reach out to our HR colleagues at: hr@zesium.com

Od praktikanta do QA testera

Nikola je pre godinu dana nakon tromesečne prakse u Zesium-u započeo radni odnos. Danas je uspešan tester, svakodnevno pronalazi bagove i čini naš QA tim još jačim i boljim. Pročitajte u nastavku njegovu priču.

1. Kako si saznao za praksu u Zesium-u i zašto si se odliučio bas za nas?

Za praksu sam saznao preko prijateljice koja radi u Zesium-u i odlučio sam se za Zesium upravo zbog njenog dobrog iskustva i generalno dobrog glasa koji ga prati. Smatrao sam da tu mogu započeti svoju karijeru kao QA i nisam pogrešio. 

2. Koja je najbolja stvar koju si naučio/la na praksi?

Naučio sam dosta toga i upoznao sam se sa mnogim alatima kao što su Swagger, Postman, SQL baza podataka, Jira itd. Sve ovo mi je potrebno u svakodnevnom radu i pomaže mi da izvršim svoje zadatke na najbolji mogući način. Ali najbolja stvar koju sam naučio je da je svaki problem rešiv i da je, timskim radom, svaka prepreka savladiva. 

3. Šta ti je ostavilo najveći utisak?

Najveći utisak na mene je ostavila dobra atmosfera koja vlada u firmi, ljudi su spremni da pomognu jedni drugima i podjele svoje znanje sa kolegama, što mi je posebno bilo važno s obzirom da nisam imao mnogo predznanja i iskustva. 

4. Navedi kolegu i najbolji savet koji si dobio/la od nje/ga.

Izdvojiću svoju mentorku Anju Latinović koja mi je rekla nešto što nikada neću zaboraviti: “Probudi dijete u sebi, probudi testera u sebi.”

5. Kakva je atmosfera u timu, koliko te podstiče na rad?

Atmosfera je pozitivna i prijatna. Većina kolega sa kojima svakodnevno sarađujem i sa kojima sam okružen su vrlo motivisani i spremni da pomognu, što mi je najvažnije. Uzajamno podstičemo jedni druge na kvalitetan rad, ali i dobro druženje.

6. Koji je najzanimljiviji projekat na kojem si radio/la?

Ovde bih izdvojio Hesus, projekat u vezi sa transportom. Specifičan je i jako dinamičan, pun konstantnih promjena, noviteta i izazova sa kojima se svakodnevno suočavamo.

7. Koja znanja bi voleo/la da unapređuješ u Zesium-u?

Htio bih da se usavršim u dosada naučenom, tj. u manulenom testiranju i u alatima koje sam do sada naučio. A svakako u budućnosti mi je plan da proširim svoje znanje i oprobam se u automatskim testovima.

8. Kako izgleda tvoj tipičan dan?

Nakon jutarnje kafe i organizacije taskova za taj dan kreće glavni deo, a to je testiranje. Testiram različite mobilne, ali i web aplikacije pomoću svih navedenih alata. Pronalaženje i opisivanje bagova je glavni deo posla, a ukoliko otkrijem neki kritičan bag koji blokira funkcionalnost aplikacije potrebno je da brzo odreagujem i zajedno sa kolegama otklonim problem u toku istog dana, ako je izvodljivo. Stoga su važne vještine određivanja prioriteta. Cilj je pronaći sve bagove, to je ono čemu težimo, ali svesni smo da savršensvo ne postoji i da ko radi taj i grijesi. 

Tu su i sastanci sa kolegama, daily sa projektnim menadžerima i developerima.
Nije sve u poslu, ima i razonode – šolja kafe i čašica razgovora. 🙂

Source: pmtips.net

9. Sa kojim izazovima si se susretao tokom prakse?

Sam početak je bio izazov, jer je sve bilo novo, novi alati, komunikacija sa klijentima. Važno je bilo prilagoditi se timu, što je posebno bilo otežavajuće, jer sam kolege upoznao pre svega online. Prošlo je neko vreme pre nego što smo se uhodali i bolje razumjeli, a onda sam se i sam opustio i lakše tražio pomoć kad mi je bila potrebna. 

10. Šta bi savetovao ljudima koji traže  praksu?

Savjetovao bih im da prigrle svaku priliku koja im se pruži i da je iskoriste na najbolji mogući način. Najbolje je ulagati u sebe, svoje znanje i vještine.

10 Mobile Safety Tips Parents Need to Practice with Their Kids

Mobile device safety is more crucial now than ever. Apart from the fact that more information is available to children nowadays, the threats within the online world continue to multiply, putting children at risk. 

When it first became available in 1991, the Internet transformed the way we interact and the addition of mobile technology allowed the Internet to permeate our daily lives. There is no turning back on digital technology’s effects on education, business and every other area of our daily lives. 

Over the years, exponential progress has been made to boost the connectivity that Internet and mobile technology together can provide better.

Since it’s easy to connect to the digital world these days, this generation consumes more data than ever. 

As a result, we live in a highly mobile society, where almost 67% of the population is actively using mobile devices. More devices are available today to children of all ages, from smartphones and tablets to computers and other connected devices. 

Image Source: We Are Social

The use of gadgets in families is becoming more prevalent in this digital age. Parents need to implement reasonable and age-appropriate control and accountability when it comes to screen use by minors under their care

It’s even more pressing now because most children are doing distance learning in the new normal because of the pandemic. 

Kids-Safe Internet and Mobile Use

Internet safety is awareness of the risks following Internet activities and use of several effective measures against cyber threats. Due to the growing number of mobile phone users, the Internet safety includes desktop devices and mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and the like. 

Cybersecurity, online security, the Internet protection, or e-safety aims to protect users from dangers such as malware attacks, virus infections, phishing attacks, data breaches, identity theft, etc. 

For children, this includes exposure to adult content and harmful sites or apps.

Why is Safety Crucial in the Internet and Mobile Device Use?

Our homes are now accessible through the Internet. 

Surprisingly, some parents will go to great lengths to physically shield their children from threats but will remain unconcerned with tracking their children’s Internet behavior.

We teach our children not to talk to strangers, but some of us let them surf the Internet—the vast world of strangers—without adult oversight. In some parents’ opinion, a new mobile device they give to their child cannot do any damage because it’s just a gadget. But that is not the case anymore as the mobile device you give your children is a portal into their lives. 

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education published the “Children’s Internet Usage Study” in 2016, which detailed how 4th to 8th graders in America use the Internet. 

What they discovered was that children are constantly engaging with strangers on the Internet. 

Source: https://iamcybersafe.org/parent-research/

These statistics show the following alarming realities:

  • 29% of minors use the Internet in ways that their parents would disapprove.
  • 21% of minors go to websites where they can communicate with strangers.
  • 17% of minors visit pages with pornographic or adult photos or videos
  • 11% go to websites to learn how to cheat on classwork.
  • 4% go on gambling websites.

Teaching children how to use the Internet responsibly keeps them safe from scams and safeguards their mental and physical health.

For instance, children are not allowed to give up sensitive information just to play games. It is a significant development in child safety guidelines for the Internet and mobile phone use. However, these laws are constantly broken in the online world, so practicing information security when going online is still a safer approach to privacy. 

Parents and supervising adults must not rely solely on cybersecurity protocols from mobile apps and websites. Cybersecurity must be everybody’s business, more so with adults that are accountable for children’s welfare. 

Here is a video showing why internet safety must be taught to children. 

Source: Smile and Learn

Mobile Device Kids-Safety Tips that Parents Should Practice

Talk openly with your child about their online activity.

Parents need to establish a good relationship with their children for any type of discipline to be effective and beneficial. 

It is also challenging to establish rules if you are not present at some level to supervise. Kids spell love as T-I-M-E, so it is crucial to let them know you care for them and are interested in what they are doing. 

Set time for your children where you can give them your undivided attention. If possible, log off from all your devices when spending quality time with them. If you set the example for them that fun doesn’t have to come from mobile, online games, and Internet use, they will eventually catch on to the example you set. 

Do not communicate only to correct, as this will drive them to despise our correction. Let the children see that you are interested even in the value they get from their Internet and mobile device usage. Talk to them about the trends and threats to cybersecurity, or maybe mobile app development trends that directly affect them. Incorporate digital safety in day-to-day conversations, most notably when you start to establish your family’s culture regarding Internet and mobile device safety. 

Slowly but surely, this digital safety awareness will grow naturally with your children. They may even surprise you when they develop their smart ideals regarding this concern and find ways to protect themselves online even without your prompting. 

Set and stick to boundaries from the start.

Boundaries are essential for children. Boundaries are the guidelines, limits, and rules we identify for our children to keep them safe. It includes reasonable and permissible activities and behaviors for them, including mobile device usage. Boundaries are good to establish accountability and responsibility at an early age.

According to child experts, having reasonable limits set by their parents helps children feel safer. Sure, kids will sometimes push certain limits, but when you hold to what was decided upon initially, they realize you are serious. It instills in them a more profound sense of trust and security.

When educating younger children, be as imaginative and sensory as possible – you may use catchy music, animation, role-playing and other similar techniques. 

The rules must be easy-to-remember and straightforward, especially when they are still young. When your children grow older and more mature, you will choose to add additional ground rules or elaborate on the specifics of these rules.

Check this sample list to help you decide what rules to follow for your children – the list can be customized and printed to meet the needs of your family.

Pre-set Rewards and Consequences.

Along with clarifying boundaries to your children, you also need to let them know about rewards and consequences of following or breaking the rules regarding gadget use. It needs to be clear to your minors that their decisions can either bring them benefits or consequences. 

They will always try to break your rules if crossing boundaries has no actual repercussion for them. Incentives should also be used to encourage healthy behavior. Keep in mind that kids feel safer when ground rules aren’t changed on the spur of the moment.

If you are offering a reward or imposing a consequence, you must explain that a reward or a consequence is about what they did, not who they are. No matter if your children behaved well or not, your positive acceptance of who they are should remain unchanged. Their actions, on the other hand, have consequences attached to them, whether good or bad. 

Empower your kids by making them know that they will influence the result by making wise decisions. It is how you train kids to use tech responsibly

Owning a Mobile Device Is a Privilege

Parental duties, besides others, also include monitoring the children’s internet and mobile device use.

Mobile devices cannot be used as personal property by children as it is a privilege rather than a right –  children must learn to use it wisely, be open and responsible.

Let them know that a part of this accountability system you are establishing is the need to audit their mobile devices and computers as the need arises.

You can download several kinds of apps that can reasonably monitor your children’s digital activities whenever browsing questionable sites or downloading inappropriate apps or content.

Be sure that they understand that, like with any privilege, misusing or abusing it will result in losing their right to enjoy it. 

Observe Age-appropriateness for the Internet and Mobile Device Use.

Before purchasing a gadget for your child, get the latest reviews by child experts and investigate what age and duration are appropriate for children to begin using a mobile device.

Kids under the age of six are not recommended to use their own mobile device quite yet. For younger children, screen time should be limited to 30 minutes or less, while for older children, it should be limited to less than an hour.

You should check which apps and games have been classified as kid-friendly by experts. Provide your children with a list of pre-approved websites, apps, and other resources from which to select. Older children and teenagers must ask for permission before communicating or providing their details with others online.

Here’s a helpful video on the dos and don’ts of giving your kids their first mobile phone:

Video Source: The Balancing Act

Teach Kids to Protect Sensitive Information.

Even if younger, teach your children how to protect their identity online. Identify which family and personal information they should NEVER provide in sites and apps they use, so they develop perception regarding identity protection. 

Furthermore, show them the risks of exposing too much information about themselves – they may open themselves to actual risks if they expose their location online, or reveal that they are alone at home, or the places they visit in real-time. 

Together with your children, open their social media accounts etc. and make it a rule that while they are minors, they will not have public accounts that are NOT accessible to you, so you can help them ward off attackers that lurk on unsupervised minors online. 

Keep Gadgets in a Common, Unlocked Area.

Hackers have used webcams to spy on unsuspecting users – consider what would happen if you allowed your children to sleep with a monitor or mobile device open near them.

Establish Internet and mobile devices use schedules at home and ensure periods or home areas that should be gadget-free, like during family meals or at the bedroom. It is a safety measure that teaches children to separate from their mobile phones when it is time to rest or do other essential things. Avoid allowing the mobile device to be a default for your children, meaning they always reach for it when they don’t know what else to do. 

If you are imposing such a rule, it is best to practice it yourself. Logging off is not such a bad thing, especially when it is time to rest at night. Show your child that you can separate your free time from your online time and it will follow your example.

Switch off connections at night. Although it might not be a choice in some intelligent homes, designating all connected devices in common areas and establishing a time for gadget use is a fast way to teach your kids Internet discipline.

Know Your Parental Controls

You should learn how to use parental controls that browsers and devices offer if you don’t want to expose your child to harmful information. 

For example, as in the SafeSearch Filter option on Google, pages containing pornographic content would be hidden. Switch it on by going to Settings > Filters and choose Expand. Unfortunately, parental filters would more likely be able to block your child from witnessing violence and/accessing pornographic content to a degree of accuracy. 

See Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides. When you purchase security software and features, you cover your expenses and increase your profit margin on security.

Know Your Children’s Online Friends

Follow and befriend your child on their social media accounts. Your children may cringe at the thought, but it makes sense to have discerning adults protecting them online when they are still minors. Don’t cross the line, though, like embarrassing your kids online but be on constant alert. Lurkers need to be aware that an adult is protecting the child’s online activity. 

Even in real life, criminals get discouraged from invading a home when a parent is present. The same goes for online. Attackers recognize the kids whose parents do not have a significant influence in their lives, and they swoop in to fill that void by bearing gifts that can entice your kids. 

Get to know the friends they have online. Monitor friend requests and discourage them from befriending people they don’t know personally. Being extra cautious helps spare your children from online users who want to inflict harm on children left unsupervised with their mobile device.

Encourage “Think Before You Post” Policy

Teach your children proper online etiquette that can guide them as they post content online. Show them what kind of content is safe and how not to reveal your family’s whereabouts. 

Moreover, teach them how to turn off location tags on their pictures and be careful when “signing in” to events, locations, and the like. Teach your children to keep their location private

As a parent, avoid sharing your children’s sensitive pictures and videos. What may look so cute and harmless can be enticing for online lurkers. Keep control of your family’s digital footprint at all times.

Any piece of personal information we put online is irretrievable and becomes a part of our digital identity, which may lead to issues in the future. Since youngsters and children are easily swayed, they must be given more online protection and made aware of their own privacy. 


YOU are the person to instill a culture of cyber safety and healthy mobile device use in your household. Children can follow more closely what they see more than what you tell them to do. You should connect the words to concrete actions so that the concepts you teach become tangible to them.

Whatever rules you choose, you must be prepared to follow them.

At the end, who we are online is a reflection of who we are in real life. 

Hopefully, we would bring more meaning to society even through using mobile devices responsibly. After all, all great things begin with simple steps.

Our Secret Code (16+)

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

We are Zesium company and we’ve been innovating the world since 2004 – with our proactive approach, we build software products and implement mobile and IoT solutions that change the way we live.

Our name – Zesium?

Our name origins from a chemical element Caesium – a rare metal that has literally redefined time and which is responsible for many changeovers leading to the world of today.

What cesium element has done is raising the standards for the measurement of time exponentially.

The same way, we raised the standards of our company’s architecture:

Innovation Lab, Startup Hub and Team as a Service with addition of our Design Studio.

Our Architecture?

1. Innovation Lab was created for the purposes of R&D and continually combines the latest technologies to create innovative products.

Our creations are enabled by a broad range of services like software/web/mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Innovation Consulting and more.

Our Innovation Lab aims to address the problems too complex for the businesses to solve on their own. We apply a wide range of methods and tools to stimulate ideas as well as to develop, prototype and experiment the solutions.

Our Innovation Lab carries the motto: Bring Ideas to Life.

2. Team as a Service (TAAS) is our way to help your business grow without any setbacks in case you lack the technical capacities.

Our TAAS model gives you an opportunity to approach your business intelligently and to get the control over your work. We’re able to recommend unique challenge resolutions while our arrangement can range from open-ended, episodic or merely temporary – you choose the best option for your business.

Having our TAAS model in your toolkit can keep your company competitive and agile as well as able to take on any project and deliver it profitably.

3. Our Startup Hub was triggered by a belief that we should build products that solve a real world problems.

Startup Hub offers the unique model of ‘Shared Equity’ and a customized price where we assist you with reassessment of your concept and help in development of your idea.

We start Lean – first to understand which problem you are trying to solve and how you visualize your idea in a real world.

Together, with the right attitude, a precise execution and true passion, we can bring your idea to life.

4. Our Design Studio is capable to develop an exclusive design and with our leading UI/UX designers at hand, we follow your vision and convert it into a visual shape.

Our Design follows the simple steps within their out-of-the-box formulations: sketching, pitching and assessing ideas.

The result?
Combination of the first-class design ideas created to display, attract and engage your customers.

Our Team?

Our team is the most essential part of Zesium – it embodies and represents our values supported.

Our people are highly educated individuals with extensive experience that, together in a team, represent the most valuable asset. Close team collaboration trigger ideas which are later developed into the inventive business solutions.

At Zesium, we support Steve Job’s motto: It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.

Our Vision?

Our vision is to inspire change and give our contribution to the world through the high quality solutions like in Fleaty, ApParkingSpot, CombMe or other.

We aim to build technologies that see and recognize the world just like we do. We strive to shape the future by creating original solutions for our customers and partners, as well as to develop solutions focusing on customers’ important needs.

By improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation, We Make a Difference.

Our Colour?

The chemical element’s name comes from ‘caesius’, a Latin word meaning “sky blue”.

At Zesium, our colour appears as nocturnal sky – we chose black since without black, no colour has any depth.

Source: youtube.com

Since eyestrain is often caused by excessively bright light or too much screen brightness, the eye feels good viewing black as it soothes the eyesight.

The contrast we create demonstrates our ideas more explicitly and ranks our solutions ahead of the game. Our dark background is a foundation for other colors and shows our company spirit – proficient and professional.

Our spirit for challenging projects and a proactive approach to invent new solutions is what makes us Avant-Garde.