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You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

We are Zesium company and we’ve been innovating the world since 2004 – with our proactive approach, we build products and implement software and mobile solutions that change the way we do things.

Our name – Zesium?

It origins from a chemical element Caesium – a rare metal that has literally redefined time and which is responsible for many changeovers leading to the world of today.

We are accountable for many tech-transformations as we always challenge ourselves in creating the outstanding technology.

What cesium element has done is raising the standards for the measurement of time exponentially.

The same way, we raised the standards of our company’s architecture:

Innovation Lab, Startup Hub and Team as a Service with addition of our Design Studio.

Our Architecture?

1. Innovation Lab was created for the purposes of R&D and continually combines the latest technologies to create amazing novelties.

Our creations are enabled by a broad range of services like software/web/mobile app development, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Innovation Consulting and more.

Our Innovation Lab aims to address the problems too complex for the businesses to solve on their own.

We apply a wide range of methods and tools to stimulate creativity as well as to develop, prototype and experiment the solutions.

Our Innovation Lab carries the motto: Bring Ideas to Life.

2. Team as a Service (TAAS) is our way to help your business grow without any setbacks in case you lack the technical capacities.

Our TAAS model gives you an opportunity to approach your business intelligently and to get the control over your work.

With our creative and a proactive mindset, we’re able to recommend you unique ideas while our arrangement can differ from open-ended, episodic or merely temporary – you are open to choose the best option for your business.

Having our TAAS model in your toolkit can keep your company competitive and agile as well as able to take on any project and deliver it profitably.

We will recommend you the exceptional ideas and we KNOW that we will deliver what has originally been planned.

3. Our Startup Hub was triggered by a belief that we should build products that inspire and solve a real world problems.

Startup Hub offers the unique model of ‘Shared Equity’ and a customized price where we assist you with reassessment of your concept and help in development of your idea.

We start Lean – first to understand which problem you are trying to solve and how you visualize your idea in a real world.

Together, with the right attitude, a precise execution and true passion, we can bring your idea to life.

4. Our Design Studio is capable to develop a unique form for today’s world. We have leading UI/UX designers whose creativity matches the latest design trends. We follow your vision and transform it into a visual shape.

Our Design follows the simple steps within their out-of-the-box formulations: sketching, pitching and assessing ideas.

The result?
Combination of the first-class design ideas created to display, attract and engage customers.

Our Team?

Our team is the most essential part of Zesium – it embodies and represents our values supported.

Our people are highly educated individuals with extensive experience that, together in a team, represent the most valuable asset. Close team collaboration trigger ideas which are later developed into the inventive business solutions.

Our team is self explanatory – considerable experience and a proactive mindset combined with agile management approach.

At Zesium, we support Steve Job’s motto: It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.

Our Vision?

It is to inspire change and give our contribution to the world through a constant improvement along with the high quality like in Fleaty, ApParkingSpot, CombMe or other solutions.

We experience the world through our eyes and mind thus we aim to build technologies that see and recognize the world just like we do. We strive to shape the future by creating original solutions for our customers and partners, as well as to develop solutions focusing on people’s important needs.

By improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation, We Can Make a Difference.

Our Colour?

The chemical element’s name comes from ‘caesius’, a Latin word meaning “sky blue” – here at Zesium, our colour appears as nocturnal sky – we chose black since without black, no colour has any depth.

Source: youtube.com

Since eyestrain is often caused by excessively bright light or too much screen brightness, the eye feels good viewing black as it soothes the eyesight.

The contrast we create demonstrates our ideas more explicitly and ranks our solutions ahead of the game. Our dark background is a foundation for other colours and shows our company spirit – proficient and professional.

Our spirit for challenging projects and a proactive approach to invent new solutions is what makes us Avant-Garde.