Dear Santa,


This year I was a good kid. I…

– didn’t test the code in production
– crashed the server only once
– declared only 3 bugs as features and only 5 left for the next year
– my PM (project manager) did not end up in the hospital because of me 😂
– I wrote documentation and manage to complete the entire A4 page
– did not ignore my QA colleagues


The most important is that we created excellent things with plenty of fun and laughter along the way. I wish for my colleagues to stay well and healthy so that we can create more great things and collaborations.


And for me – well, if you can bring a small, modest gift – medium-sized box ‘MacBook Pro M1 MAX 16’, a trifle! 😍

I guess I’ve deserved it!


Yours, a modest programmer 💻


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