Today, mobile apps have become the survival kit for every online business and the best way to reach out to your target customers.

The number of smartphone users globally is expected to increase by one billion in a time span of five years – in other words, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach over 50%.

Considering such crazy numbers, choosing a proper mobile app company is a crucial decision yet since there are millions of mobile app development companies present on the market, it makes it difficult to reach a definite decision.

So, how to start your search?

Simple Steps to Follow when Choosing Development Partner

1. Define your mobile app requirements

The first step is to build up your own precise specifications and clearly outline the exact things you want in your mobile app. On a large scale, it depends on the industry in which you operate and the type of a product/service you offer but the core remains the same. You can also check the similar apps on the Internet to get some ideas.

Before you reach out to any app company with your request, make sure you have the clear picture of:

  • The goals of your app
  • Features and functions necessary
  • Does it fit your business model
  • Interaction with other software(s)

Even if you don’t have precise answers to each of these points, don’t worry – a skillful mobile app team should suggest ideas that can help your app to be better and more efficient.

At Zesium, for example, our first step of development is discussing those details with the client; then our team creates function lists and mind maps which outline both: purpose of the app and the way users will communicate with it.

It is essential that both sides have a clear understanding of the project from the start.


2. Do a short research

Next, you should check the reputation of the existing companies by a short online research. Collect the details through published reviews for app development, a number of years of experience in the field, portfolio of products, different types of services they offer, background, previous client records, customer retention etc.

To stay on the right track, consider a reputable company that has a demonstrated track record of high quality work. If you are targeting an app that is both user-friendly and functional, the professionals with great expertise in the mobile app development domain will be the best to rely on.

This research can help you shortlisting the right kind of mobile app development companies.


3. Define a budget

Once you defined the requirements of your app, you need to define the budget to complete your business goal.

The best approach would be to contact mobile app development experts since there are no exact guidelines for the costs – it all depends on the context.

However, there are some app development calculators online like App Development Cost Calculator or Digitalya App Cost Calculator so you can try to get rough estimation for your mobile app idea.

General rule says: the larger the firm, the larger the price.


Working with small developers may end up costing you more in the long run – with less expertise, smaller companies can make mistakes which you will need to pay someone else to fix and sometimes an inexperienced team can run over budget.

Larger companies are better equipped to guarantee high quality and stick to the initial budget, but many of them have a lot of overhead which increases the cost.


A good balance is to try out a medium sized dedicated mobile app developer.

Since each project demands specific kind of development, make sure you choose the most suitable developer for the job at hand.

4. Make use of your professional network and Social Media

In your search for a good, trustworthy developer, don’t forget your professional network like LinkedIn – all you have to do is to inform your connections about your needs. You can do it by personal posts or social ads but using both options would be the best choice. Your post should be visual, relevant and with strong call-to-action (CTA).

Social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be great tools for finding a right mobile company – you can describe your project, post the requirements and wait.

Generally, it works the same way like with LinkedIn, you just need to be persistent. The more motivated you are, the better the chances are to find the right company.


5. Visit dedicated web sites

Websites like Clutch, GoodFirms, Toptal, App Futura or Top App Developers are excellent choice since they contain app development companies’ profiles, along with their portfolios and reviews of their past work. You can also visit the sites which host freelance profiles such as UpWork. The best approach would be to reach out to companies that were mentioned on tech-related news sites and have the proper experience within mobile app development.

All the above mentioned sites have a reputation system where you can review a prospect’s past work and read their reviews.


6. Check the support

Some online companies focus solely on selling their applications instead of making them beneficial for customers.

If a company doesn’t offer a solid support, it could be a big setback for your business especially if you have spent significant amount of money to develop the same app.

However, long-established companies know the value of their customers and will gladly assist on issues related to the maintenance of their mobile applications.


7. Check for innovative solutions

Mobile app development companies that develop innovative solutions and practice the latest methodologies would be a great choice since if you hire such company, developing and deploying applications on the app stores would be beneficial for your business as well as for consumers.

Your company can win a huge business momentum online if you hire innovative mobile development companies because they develop mobile apps for forward-looking businesses.

Always try to reach out to such companies who can improve your business standards.


8. Check for cost-effectiveness

Consumers usually focus on buying high quality products at affordable pricing. Since developing a successful app is not an easy task, there is always a fight between cost and quality. That is usually because top quality applications cost a lot and vice versa.

However, if a company has a longtime existence across the world then cost of their products sold will be relatively less. Only such companies can provide their services at efficient costs.

Companies in the US and Western Europe are the most expensive, while SE Asia offer the lowest prices. Finding a good compromise between price and quality lies in the middle, which is mostly companies from South Eastern Europe.


9. Check for technically efficient company

It is important to check if the mobile app development companies consist of technically efficient developers prior to handing over your mobile app development project to them.

It’s also necessary to know which technologies the company works with and whether they are capable of putting up well with the application development idea and the platform you chose to go with.

Mobile app companies that work exclusively on mobile app development technologies are a good choice.


To sum up

Keep in mind that a top quality mobile app development company should understand your exact requirements and should never compromise on the quality of the interface.


So, don’t rush when you are making a choice but carefully consider all pros and cons and figure which one works the best for YOU.


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