Life at Zesium

Zesium is a company that values knowledge and willingness to learn – the same reason inspired us to start our internship program.

No matter the area of expertise, Zesium gives the opportunity to graduates and specialists interested in gaining work experience in the industry and taking an important step in building a solid career.



Although we are a software consultancy company, it is not only software development that we focus on, but also on honing and upgrading our team’s skills other than the area of expertise.

Software development projects tend to be complex and multifaceted – during the process, things can change quickly and it is important for the entire team to know how to best handle the risks. To complete projects on time and within the budget, it is the project managers that must engage in efficient planning, organization and monitoring.

Our latest internship was held in the field of Project Management (PM). It involves use of various policies, procedures and principles to plan, implement and complete the project.

Project Management Interns: Nikolina Sarajlic and Sara Mandic together with our Project Manager Milan Lisica



In IT companies, project managers have to tie everything together at every stage of software development. It is them who must make sure that everything goes according to the plan, watch the budget and achieve the goals.

Project Management internship in Zesium included some main areas that we covered with our interns as follows:

  • Introduction to IT project management (team members, project types and stages etc.)
  • Project preparation (project estimation, creating project specification and the team etc.)
  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban etc.)
  • Jira tool setup (creating epics, stories, sprint organization, elements etc.)
  • Project management (PM daily, weekly and monthly activities, project progress monitoring, project risks, planning sprints and prioritizing, writing User Stories, team meetings and communication with the client etc.)
  • PM Tools (Jira, Confluence, GSuite, Slack, Zoom, Adobe XD, Photoshop etc.)
  • Introduction to the basic technical terms (software architecture and components,development environment, Bitbucket/GIT etc.)
  • Introduction to UI/UX design principles, backend and frontend as well as to QA process

HR presentation for our new interns



However, at Zesium, it is not only Project Management that was on the plate to learn about. Besides the main areas, our interns have the ability to learn about other skills essential when working with people and within the deadlines.

Some of the other skills important for Project Managers (and other roles) we support are nurturing your own passion to learn new software development practices, developing analytical capabilities and flexibility at work, enabling you to listen actively and manage your time as well as to upgrade your communication skills for various situations.

Due to the recent pandemic situation, some of our employees are still remote, thus we also pay close attention to develop an ability to manage remote teams and build trust with your team peers.



Apart from the skills mentioned above, we encourage our interns to learn additional skills that will help them enter the business environment more confidently and we also educate them how to:

  • Prepare the ‘ground’ before they go to the holiday
  • Successfully present and talk to people as well as efficiently organize meetings
  • Grow a culture of providing feedback
  • Responsibly behave whilst working in a company

As our motto is ‘We Always Take a Step Further’, we consistently provide more value for our interns through lectures and advising on various topics like efficient Skype communication, building your personal brand, advising on how to successfully manage remote teams and achieve attention to details in the work.

QA internship: Team Leader Anja Latinovic and Marija Milojevic



Throughout the entire internship process, our interns are always recommended the best resources and literature to upgrade their skills and learn more at their own pace.


No matter if you’re enrolled in Android, iOS, backend or QA internship, you will get a chance to learn more about other job roles and get familiar with certain parts of their work and acquire a wide knowledge on software development in a company.

The internship is important to us because we do not only educate interns to gain technical knowledge but also to learn how to interact with professionals in a workplace setting and develop essential soft skills like time management, adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork.


If it sounds good and you’re interested, feel free to reach out to our HR colleagues at:

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