As Zesium continually provides high quality work along with the innovative approach to each challenge, our partner Myler Media from Netherlands trusted us with the work on the development of a social app that will make a difference for all party lovers around the world.

The social apps usage has rapidly changed in the last few years and smartphone users now spend majority of their time in social networking apps.


No matter if you like after-parties with an overwhelming atmosphere and electronic music or if you fancy having an intimate house party with a bunch of total strangers, now there’s an app for that – AfterParty. It is a social mobile app (iOS/Android) primarily for people to connect – it allows users to meet new people who would like to share the unforgettable moments together.


AfterParty was done in the scope of a bigger app Joinin – the goal of Joinin is to bring people together physically, not just online. 



  • focus on nightlife and parties instead of wide range of events (sports, culture, travel etc.)


  • diversity of filters for events for users to choose the best per their preferences


  • ability to determine the events within proximity (geo location features)


  • ability to comment and rate the passed event


  • ability to communicate and organize a car pool for attendees of the same party


  • in-app ads and payment services enabled



  • While Joinin offers a wide range of events like sports, culture, travel and more – Afterparty is more focused on nightlife and parties for younger people and all those who feel young enough. 


  • The categories users can choose from are party, fun, travel, naughty and night shopping and it’s completely free except a Naughty category which is a part of the upgrade package. The app allows users to search for events in their area and invite along – there are various filters to find the most suitable party which include age, nationality, distance, locality and/or sexual preference. Joining the party makes the user visible to the host and users can also invite their friends to the event via shareable link.


  • AfterParty is really easy to use – you create a profile by entering your details where locality plays a major role as it helps users when searching for the parties within their close proximity.
  • After the party is over, users have a few days to leave their comments and inform people about the event and their own impressions via comment-based chat, plus they can rate the event from 1-5 stars, depending on the experience.


  • AfterParty allows users to organize carpools with people going to the same party. Carpools are visible to everyone and the users can see the person who organizes a carpool and the number of seats available. 


  • As an event organizer you can post an event by entering details (venue, date/time, a short description etc.) and adding the type of the party (e.g. single, 18+, all invited, gay, etc.) so that users have a clear notion on the nature of the party. In addition, the app allows sponsorship for the events of cafes, bars, clubs, etc. and the payment is enabled via PayPal or Mollie.



As Myler Media is our long-time partner and has full trust in Zesium work, our task covered development of backend, both native mobile app platforms Android/iOS as well as a web app.


Afterparty is a user-friendly mobile app focusing on nightlife, enabling people to find parties per their preferences easier and quicker.

If you always wanted a place where you can find events to your taste, don’t miss the best parties in your area with AfterParty mobile app, due to be released in 2020.

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