Alfa Enterijer Doo is a Serbian company established in 2000 – it offers the widest selection of the wood-based materials for the furniture manufacturing as well as the hinges that accompany panel materials.


Their assortment consists of FunderMax compact HPL panels, laminated univer or MDF plates, MDF fronts enriched with Renolit 3D foils, hinges, sinks, faucets and the accompanying products to make a high quality furniture.

With its own manufacturing sites in two locations in Novi Sad, Serbia,  Alfa Enterijer realized the necessity to digitize services to simplify the business operations, facilitate generating reports and provide the best service to their customers.


    • Development of the software system and separate roles within for an easier process overview (admin, foremen, employees, etc.) and more efficient task completion


    • Digitization of business operations related to the process of cutting service and enabling registration and monitoring of the process


    • Digitization of the process of handling kitchen front panels and enabling barcode registration and monitoring of the manufacturing process


    • Ability to facilitate and filter the overview of the debtors


    • Ability to generate various types of reports for the company operations overview



  • Zesium designed the system which consists of different roles enabling easier process overview and more efficient communication within the system. The administrators can efficiently track and overview the specific processes as well as the employees’ productivity. Employees can quickly complete the required forms related to a specific action (cutting service, kitchen fronts) thus providing insights into the status of the same action. Other roles can include production managers, shift foreman and more.


  • The system enables barcode registration of the service throughout the entire process – as of reception until the ‘last-mile’ delivery. The orders are added to the system and the user has the options to filter the results per various categories like: workshop (venue), date, order status (done, urgent, archived, delayed etc.), service status, order ID and so on.


  • The system enables barcode registration of the completed service. The data is registered within the internal database – the system allows the input to be defined by specific parameters to generate reports more easily and efficiently. In case that any of the elements, upon the completed action, do not fulfill the quality requirements, it can be returned for processing again.


  • The system displays and filters all the debtors, along with specific details. The same report is appointed to certain roles within the system. The system enables selecting the necessary data, where users can create a page with all the relevant data sorted as per selected categories. The reports can also display the subscribed clients.


  • Generating reports is enabled for specific system roles and include two major groups: cutting service and kitchen front panels. The users can choose reports as per different categories: customer or sales centers overview, type of pattern or type of foil reports and more.  Within the cutting service, there are also major groups where users can generate reports depending on customers overview or employee performance. Such an approach speeds up the service process and improves the internal communication as well as the overall customer satisfaction.


The result of our partnership with Alfa Enterijer is a system which enables the entire company personnel to complete the services more efficiently and track if any of the orders has not been completed.


Such overview allows each division in the company to have efficient cross-department cooperation while company management can get an overview of the entire process along with the most relevant elements significant for the improvement of services and the company growth.

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