An increased usage of cars, especially in urban parts of the world is driving the parking management solutions to grow rapidly. ApParkingSpot was developed from an idea by our partners ApParkingSpot Nordic AB, who recognized the problem with parking in cities and wanted to connect people in need for a parking place with others who have a vacant place.   


Zesium contributed to the unique idea of ApParkingSpot – the system consisted of a backend, a web application and two mobile applications – Android and iOS for the users.


ApParkingSpot Nordic AB  represented a new concept solution – ApParkingSpot is helping drivers to find, book and pay for parking in seconds – where and when needed.



  • View and rent a parking space within urban area (+geolocation)


  • View the specific availability of parking space for rent (specific time, e.g. from 8am – 5pm etc.)


  • Reserve the parking space via the app


  • Pay for the parking space via the app


  • Automate the process (automation on availability of parking spaces etc.)



  • The app is primarily for individuals with a parking space regularly available (e.g. when at work). It provides relevant info about vacant parking spaces – private or business ones. Basic functionalities are: registration, adding a parking space, searching parking database and booking a parking space


  • Users have the option to set their parking space in the system as available every Monday to Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. Within business use, companies can rent parking lots within workplaces that are not used during weekends, holidays etc.


  • Users have the option to reserve a parking space and through communication with the car, ASDS (Autosence Detection System) verifies that it is the exact car that has arrived. This allows seamless payment and identification of violations where a warning is sent directly to the monitoring company.


  • The payment for parking spaces is integrated with Stripe for the seamless payment flow and good user experience.


  • ASDS Autosence Detection System was developed within the app – it automates the process of renting out parking spaces. ASDS sets up a schedule when the parking lot can be rented out through Deep Learning. Other usage includes street parking in public areas where the car can automatically detect nearby available parking places and guide the driver to the spot via phone.



The ApParkingSpot was launched at the beginning of June 2018 for the Swedish market, hitting the Stockholm as the first destination – it is an innovative and robust platform helping people make money, save money and save time trying to find a parking place in crowded cities.


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