Current times are fast and it’s a real challenge not to forget anything of what needs to be done. 

Task management software industry has experienced rapid increase and is still expected to grow in coming years at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% by 2023 as per StatistaThere are various tools on the market to master this challenge from calendar apps, reminders, or to-do lists up to the common Messenger or Whatsapp. But at the end of the day, 99% of the tools lack at least one necessary feature.


Our partners Gordana Lowenkamp and Manuel Thiel, the founders of CombMe, realized that instead of having to organize yourself across different apps, it’s better to initiate the new concept planning tool. 


They’ve entrusted us with a new challenging project: a task management solution that provides  it ALL = CombMe


In short, Gordana and Manuel wanted to make the ‘Whatsapp of organizing’ and Zesium has helped to bring their idea to life.


  • None of the existing tools could provide a combination of business and private features (communication, chat, voting and sharing in one place for work and everyday life


  • Professional tools are complex and usually cannot be used without prior onboarding, especially for private use.


  • The existing apps target specific groups and cannot be applied to all types of projects resulting in users having to organize themselves across different apps


  • The challenge was to keep the simplicity and to develop an app that allows users of all ages to organize with each other so that both small children, grandparents or professionals can use the app without any problems.  


  • The overall goal was to achieve the effect of relief in everyday life responsibilities.



  • Zesium took part in consulting due to extensive hands-on experience – we developed both native application’s versions (Android and iOs) – we chose native as they are a great foundation for easier adjustments and more suitable for customization for specific purposes. Besides Android and iOS apps, we have developed backend in Java as well as improved the CombMe website. 


  • The simple and fast interaction infrastructure creates a process to communicate with each other about task execution. Users can create tasks as a text, voice, picture or video content and assign it to a specific person or a group, track tasks progress, review them and reward those who successfully complete the tasks. The ‘awards pool’ contains cash rewards, ‘star’ or online shop rewards etc. where users can share their results via social media. 


  • We used the logic of professional project management tools and reduced it to the core making it easy for all generations to use it thus CombMe has no age limits! Users can organize themselves within groups where tasks, reminders, etc. can be easily created and shared with the same groups with no limitations on the number of members. 


  • The Home screen consolidates all groups, displays the relevant tasks for the specific user and can be filtered as the user wants.  All tasks are clearly displayed in a calendar view which can be synchronized with common calendars (Google or phone calendar etc.). 


  • CombMe eliminates the need for other tools as all queries, updates and communication takes place within CombMe! 


It’s as simple as with Whatsapp


A simple and playful organization app with its main aim to ‘catch everything life throws at you’.  


CombMe is an absolutely professional tool yet simple as Whatsapp, unlimited for all areas of life and playful for all generations offering a free version of the app. 


You will experience a new dimension of planning and organization with CombMe due to be released in mid 2020 both on Google Play and App store market.

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