Technology is changing every aspect of how logistic companies operate – the ability to handle and operate fleets of various vehicles will be a key potential for being successful in the Future of Mobility, as per Deloitte study. In addition, integration of connected car technologies within vehicles has enabled a variety of solutions that can help enhance fleet operations.


Since Zesium has proven its innovative approach to many projects in the past, Fleaty recognized the opportunity to improve fleet operations and gave us the opportunity to support the development of their innovative communication platform for truck tours.


Fleaty is a logistics platform organizing tours for users in a way they communicate not only with transportation companies and drivers but also with the material supplying facilities. The main function of the app is to optimize and digitize the transport and the construction industry.



  • one-stop place for all participants involved in transport and delivery of construction material


  • include all participants as per their role (e.g. driver, supplier, client etc.) and provide relevant permissions


  • display all relevant info about the tour/route


  • communicate via platform


  • ability to perform certain business operations via platform (payments, invoices etc. )



  • Zesium developed a complete solution (backend, web and mobile Android/iOS) along with implementation of geo location and payment services.


  • Different roles in the system (User, Transport Company, Material Supplier etc.) provide quick and effective communication and allow each participant to monitor the process and contact a certain party in case of any issues or delays. 


  • Facilitated communication between Users, Drivers and Suppliers make it easier for everyone to access the relevant information about the route, involved parties and/or the transported goods – it enables users to accomplish a series of specific management tasks of any aspect relating to a fleet of trucks.


  • App functionalities (registration, choosing the truck, creating an enquiry, confirmation of the tour, the tour details for Client and the Driver etc.) enables more efficient communication and reduces the time necessary to complete the enquiries


  • Fleaty enables all participants to accomplish a series of specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a fleet of trucks (sending invoices, processing payments etc.)


Fleaty app simplifies and streamlines communication between all parties involved – streamlining the transport chain leads to both: saved time and money while at the same time giving less impact to millions.

During the entire development process, Zesium had an outstanding communication and connection with our Fleaty and its leaders Filip Stamenkovic, Nikola Markovic and Robin Granholm.

Fleaty, with its plethora of functionalities, provides you with an end-to-end solution which can trigger the change in your competitive industry and put the ‘digital culture’ to your work.

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