Zesium has been involved in various industries and we have a special bond with agriculture where we successfully implemented applications that we are the most proud of.


As we have extensive experience in Lean management methods, John Deere Serbia approached us to support their idea and to offer a new concept for John Deere workflow which promised incredible result for the business.


During the briefing time about the product, Zesium team showed innovative and new ideas for expanding John Deere business plan.



  • direct and effective communication of farmers with JD


  • ability to target customer enquiries per location vicinity


  • ability for JD to send personalized information to their users as per collected data


  • ability for JD to compile and analyze data


  • JD app design to match the company brand



  • JD Android app help farmers report any kind of malfunction of their tractors, harvesters etc. Prior to the app, it was done only via phone and it took time due to a lack of service coverage organization and long logistic procedures.


  • Farmers are able to contact their John Deere service directly making communication became faster and easier. The app helps operators to be directed to the farmers in their region. This way, the operator’s response rate became higher on critical events regarding mechanical failures while the organization process became more efficient and faster.


  • JD app can also send personalized messages to JD farmers about the events regarding agriculture, machinery and new John Deere products which many farmers found very useful for their business.


  • JD service app helps John Deere’s management to monitor all reports and to get feedback regarding the same. Service app keeps track of the problems reported, analyze the data and report to the production management. The service app is able to make further analysis of their products.


  • JD app design was developed by Zesium, both graphical (colors, icons, etc) and functional (UX, screens, buttons, etc). It was adjusted to be easy to use but at the same time, inventive and modern.


We are deeply proud of JD application developed for Serbian farmers since nothing similar was developed as a solution before in John Deere business process.


As John Deere is a global network operating in more than 30 countries, the application can further expand to other markets as it has shown excellent results and encouraging feedback from both – users (farmers) and the management of John Deere company in Serbia.


We proudly show you some of the comments of our users:


Bojan Erak left 5 stars rate with the following comment regarding John Deere application:


great application, admiration for the great idea and its realization‘.


The following statement is from CEO of John Deere Serbia, Ms. Suzana Mikovic:


Everyone from our company who interacted with workers from Zesium, were more than satisfied with their dedication to work and their high quality services provided to us. In general, people who we worked with on a daily basis were very quick in implementing our ideas into an app and also were efficient with any problems that we encountered during the process of building an app. All in all, we were extremely satisfied working with Zesium, because their team is flexible and easy to work with and what is the most important in IT industry – they were open to new ideas and innovation‘.



As they would say in John Deere: ‘In the race against the time, nothing runs like a deer’.

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