Zesium has already been involved in agritech projects where we successfully implemented solutions that we are proud of. With our broad experience, we were able to support a new concept of digitization for Nectar from Bačka Palanka, a top beverage company in Serbia.

Nectar is the only company in Serbia that manages the entire manufacturing circle from the initial contact with farmers to the final result: a wide aspect of high-quality beverages.

Besides being the leader in the market, Nectar still nourishes family spirit and positive team energy with their employees and partners – with 10 000 small farms where they pick the best fruit, Nectar has seen the opportunity to improve service for their partners and prove themselves to be THE market leader.


This time, our challenge was to digitize Nectar’s fruit supply chain.  Nectar Hektar is a system enabling digitization of fruit supply between the farmers and the Nectar company. It consists of an Android mobile application created for farmers/legal entities, agronomists and a Web Admin panel created for the Nectar administrators.


  • Digitize the process and reduce the volume of administration within the fruit supply process


  • Enable easy and efficient communication between farmers and agronomists


  • Create a support center for farmers


  • Improve customers and partners’ satisfaction through personalization


  • Enable data analysis for drawing reports, statistics, season expectations etc.



  • An Android app for farmers/agri co., and Nectar agronomists. Both can perform all activities online (registration, login, purchase, e-logbooks, etc.). Agronomists can monitor and respond to requests through the app, filter data per specific parameters etc.


  • The mobile app enables quicker and easier communication between farmers and Nectar agronomists via chat reducing time per request and simplifying the process for farmers. The agronomists can access farmers’ electronic logbooks and respond to queries faster as logbooks provide valuable data on farmer crops’ fruit condition.


  • The app itself is a support centre for farmers and enables Nectar admins to take care of all users (farmers, agr. cooperatives, agronomists etc.). Admins have a wide array of options like confirm the fruit delivery, approve applications for registration or fruit supply and more. Agronomists can support farmers with relevant advising on the best agro technical measures, fruit protection and other related activities


  • The app is helping farmers on relevant news and content: best agritech measures, tips for fruit growing, pruning, protection etc. Getting insights from farmers’ records and communicating with them directly enables agronomists to personalize the service and create more meaningful relationships with their partners thus improving the overall satisfaction.


  • The Web Admin panel enables Nectar to get insights into the data and perform a necessary analysis helping them to draw reports, create a specific season forecast (how much fruit to expect, which farmers applied and which farmers delivered the agreed material).


Zesium helped Nectar to bring their idea to life and develop the Nectar Hektar app – a response to their customers’ priceless support.


The application is a result of Nectar philosophy ‘It DOES matter’, where satisfaction of their partners and customers comes first.


Nectar company is consistent in following its leader’s vision and always thinks ahead – there are more plans for the Nectar Hektar app to grow further which Zesium will support with its extensive knowledge as ‘IT DOES MATTER’, as Nectar’s philosophy says.

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