Zesium has a long history in mobile development hence was chosen by One Traffic for many reasons – primarily as our partner could assess our development process beforehand and secondly for being geographically close as the project required adjustments during the development.


Zesium delivered a high quality product on time as agreed with our partner, along with good communication between developers and the product owner.

With such a great team, One Traffic is the application of a San Francisco and Norway’s start-up with a huge potential to be spread to other foreign markets. It was developed in nine months at Zesium and has both Android and iOS versions.




    • One Traffic is Waze-like mobile navigation application helping travelers to obtain necessary information about relevant factors and actors on the road – its main purpose is communication among ALL  the actors in the traffic.


    • The app was made to help people on the go and make the way they commute safer and faster. The communication is obtained between all traffic participants (gas stations, motels, hotels, service stations, etc), as well as participants involved directly/indirectly in the traffic (police, road works, road conditions, infrastructure, etc).


    • The app combines all the relevant details on the desired route and provides safe communication between the objects and people, without disturbing others in the traffic.


    • OT application sends alerts to drivers if an accident occurred on their route and/or how long the blockage will last; it also suggests optional routes to drivers, with all the details needed regarding the new route such as information about traffic jams or if there is a police patrol on the road – all in real time.


    • OT and Zesium together designed the app – our guidance suggestions were carefully managed by UX experienced developers; the application testing was one of the most important parts of OT development as it showed potential problems it may have, yet also gave a lot of space for improving the details that were not mentioned before in the requirements.


Throughout the development process, the efficient communication with backend team was essential since the project underwent many changes during the time – each of those changes required an Agile approach toward solving each issue.


Our priority is to keep our clients satisfied and we greatly value their opinion. The following statement from the CEO of One Traffic application, Mr. Andre Eilertsen is important to us and makes us proud of the work we do in our Zesium team.


OneTraffic is in the process of developing an advanced traffic application. We needed some experienced iOS and Android programmers who could help us with the front ends and were recommended Zesium. It has been, and still is, a pleasure working with Zesium. They are highly professional, easy to cooperate with and deliver high quality products and be would be more than happy to recommend Zesium to any new client looking for skilled frontend programmers



One Traffic mobile application presented a huge potential and as innovative, user friendly and with attractive design – OT is ready to hit success among its users.


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