One of Zesium successful projects was done for the ‘Peštan company from Arandjelovac, Serbia – a leader in the Balkans in the production and distribution of products and solutions from the polymers.

Peštan company constantly modernize manufacturing processes to meet the strict requirements of the EU standards and remain competitive on an international market.


Zesium became a technical partner and we built a system made of: a web admin application, an Android Handheld application and a backend side.



  • enable different access roles in the app (Admin, Employer etc.) for more efficient operations


  • provide analytics and relevant data about the usage of Handheld device


  • basic + additional functionalities for easier utilization


  • reduce the work cycle time
  • increased productivity



  • Zebra Handheld TC 8000 is a new warehouse mobile computer designed to deliver productivity increase in the warehouse – it is equipped with an innovative scan angle eliminating constant tilting of the screen, has Mobility Extensions and SimulScan helping quicker capturing of labels on boxes and pallets with barcodes and more.


  • Different access roles enable more efficient communication (Admin, Employee etc.). Admin User can access the Dashboard, modify its elements (and more), send notifications and create usage reports.
  • The Android Handheld app gathers data about the usage of Handheld devices (duration, time etc.) while managing the authentication of the users at the same time.


  • Upgraded with additional functionalities like pop up authentication alert, swipe RFID card verification, confirming the right to access etc.


  • Workload time (scanning the labels, monitoring the storage facility etc.) was significantly reduced with quick inputs, more efficient communication (Admin/User) and downsized paperwork.


  • Higher productivity by automated storage operations and increased operational efficiency on a daily basis.



Our client Peštan achieved their desired business result – less time to complete the job and the increased productivity. 


Zesium, as a technical partner, developed a practical application with intuitive UI, providing data analysis enabling greater efficiency within the Peštan operations.



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