Today, people got used to voice assistants – some popular examples of Virtual Digital Assistants (VDAs) include Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc. which usually come pre-installed on many devices.

VDAs are a type of software which uses natural language processing (NLP) and certain types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate with users and carry out tasks.


Our partner and ideator Speech Morphing Systems, Inc. trusted Zesium with a challenging R&D project where we had a chance to contribute to such an expanding niche market and together  develop a solution called Reata.


Reata is an iOS mobile application which acts as a voice assistant for the user to send and receive messages (e.g. TalkMondo Text, Twitter, Email, etc.) and requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Reata’s main mission is to allow the users to safely and efficiently send messages and listen to received material while on the move and manage their response to them as desired.



  • Usage of mobile phone and reading emails or messages while on the move


  • Integration with third party apps


  • Filtering the messages per users’ preferences


  • Allowing interaction with your voice messages


  • Localization of messages and facilitation of international communication




  • Reata allows the users to safely send and listen to received messages while on the move and to manage the responses as they wish. Reata supports Assistant Mode where users can: send urgent last minute emails so they don’t have to wait to pull over, listen to and respond to new emails, Tweets etc. and send direct messages while driving.


  • Reata can access text from multiple communication apps including (but not limited to) the following: Email, Twitter and TalkMondo Text. Some of these applications may require user authentication credentials which users obtain through the Reata settings menu. 


  • Reata supports Message Handling Mode – when the message is received and passes the filtering, Reata reads the message to the user and asks for further action. In this Mode users can: automatically receive new emails, direct messages and Tweets etc. Users can choose whether or not they want to read email or a message, users can pause, stop, delete and skip messages as they please. The entire interaction process is driven through voice prompts and responses.


  • Reata provides localization for the messages through TalkMondo application. TalkMondo is an advanced multi-language communication app allowing global users to interact although speaking different languages. Reata, with the help of TalkMondo, seamlessly translates speech input from the mic or text messages for both sides. Users can read and hear the received messages in their own language, allowing them to interact more freely.


  • Reata queues all incoming messages ensuring that users never miss a thing. Reata will read messages as per users preferences as specified in settings (e.g. FCFS first-come-first-served, LCFS last-come-first-served etc.) Reata allows users to also configure filtering parameters through a menu system so that users can filter which messages to hear first by their own preferences.


The result of our R&D project with our partner Speech Morphing Systems, Inc. is Reata, an iOS mobile application assisting users to stay up to date with their messages and also facilitate the life for people with mobility restrictions or visual impairment.


Reata app makes daily tasks convenient for the users by completing tasks such as staying updated with the received information, helping users to provide timely responses and generally encouraging users to spend less time facing display screens.

Reata is your safe-driving personal digital assistant (PDA) giving you the power to stay on top of your email inbox and outbox, newsfeeds from your Twitter account while you drive to your next meeting or while you’re tied up doing other things.


Welcome to the future of speech synthesis!


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