Thanks to technological advancement, ‘Selfie’ became the real buzz word in the last decade. According to Statista, 82% of adults between 18-34 years old have taken a photo of themselves and uploaded it to the social media platforms. 


Zesium wanted to contribute to the ongoing culture trend and enable users to make superior and more sophisticated selfies with just a tap away.


Selfie HotSpot is a mobile application helping people to easily capture and share their treasured moments along with the exact spot where they are taken. Anyone can discover places or share their own spots, inspire others to take their own photos or just go and explore. Users can create unique photos at different interesting locations and share them with other users since we are all visionaries in our own ways.


  • ability to have various image editing features (edit, change background image etc.)


  • ability to see other high or low rated locations for taking selfies


  • ability to add various effects to the image (filters, etc.)


  • share the exact location point within the image




  • User-friendly – tap to open the app and take a selfie at your favourite place. User can put the description along with a hashtag of their location or surrounding and finally, share it and watch the place becoming a hotspot. The photo is uploaded to the server with the geo-location and the user’s name.


  • Colouring system for the selfie location within the app – it ranges from green for a less visited place, over the orange for an average visited place all the way through to red, which means that the spot is very popular for taking pictures and contains multiple photos.


  • Photo Feed screen- it shows the users the nearest hotspots where they can easily click on ‘Take me There’ option. Photo Feed screen shows all photos taken in the surrounding area listed by distance starting from the user’s location.


  • Map screen – once the user clicks on the photo, the Map Screen opens. Map Screen works in two way:

– shows only the user’s location and the surrounding area map of 500 meters, under condition that there is a hotspot within, or if no hotspot nearby – then it shows surrounding area of 2500 meters or 5000 meters as the ultimate option.

– if the user clicks on a photo from the Photo Feed, the Map Screen will contain both, user’s location and the location of the chosen photograph. If the Map contains too many photos to show, Selfie Hotspot groups them in a cluster through a standard Google Maps Clustering.


  • Modern and simple UI – Zesium designed the Selfie Hotspot app, which is modern yet user-friendly and most importantly, clear – the user instantly understands how to navigate through the app.





What was once considered as high-tech, today is accessible to almost every person in the world and one of the main changes brought to the people by smartphones is the selfie photography.

People like to follow trends and keep the pace with the technology novelties and Selfie Hotspot gives them a chance to try different ‘selfie’ versions and access the abundance of locations they can ‘digitally visit’ and demonstrate with a single photo.


Selfie Hotspot application is a perfect match for people who are an integral part of this phenomenon and want to explore modern and trendy ways to make their ‘Selfie’ portraits unparalleled and breathtaking.

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