Wearable devices are smart electronic devices (with micro-controllers) worn close or on the surface of the skin, where they detect, analyze, and transmit information concerning your body or vital signs. Wearables usually have smart sensors and are connected to the Internet for data exchange.

The adoption of smartwatches has revolutionized watches to possess the characteristic of being multifunctional – they allow you to be able to call or text contacts, make mobile payments, stream music, receive notifications, check social media feeds and news etc. as opposed to their analog counterparts.


Smartwatch popularity continues to be on the rise and since Zesium follows the latest trends, we contributed to the rising wearable industry by developing Theme.io – the application helping users to customize their smartwatch themes and keep the pace with the modern watch faces.



  • Theme.io is a Facer-like application which enables the users to go on a marketplace, pick the theme of their choice and deploy it not only on their phones but also on their smartwatch.


  • The goal of the app is creating various themes for smartwatches, smartphones and other smart devices – basically, the user can use the identical theme for different smart devices and can deploy diverse fonts, melodies or images.


  • The key difference within Theme.io is that we enabled a setup of users’ entire visual identity by providing them a chance to add the same theme for both – their smartwatch and the smartphone. We developed the marketplace and we are still in development mode where the next goal is to make a design tool as theme creator where the users will be able to create and modify their own themes of choice and further customize their smart device display. Furthermore, we will enable deployment of the same theme to other smart devices such as tablets and smart TVs.


  • The themes are categorized per different topics such as e.g. animated, elegant, sports, abstract, etc. which allows the users to navigate through themes easily and with specified search parameters. The users are able to try out the theme and see the entire theme display of the smartwatch prior to applying the chosen theme.


  • When registered, the users are able to enter information about the type and the model of their smartwatch and the available themes for the specific model will automatically appear – this way the application facilitates the search and saves the time for users not to search irrelevant themes.




On a technical side, Zesium developed mobile (Android and iOS versions) and web application as well as the backend for Theme.io.


Theme.io application stands out because of its sizable collection of themes, range of exclusive content and ability to deploy users’ favourite theme to various smart devices.


As International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts the overall wearables market to grow 13.4 percent (CAGR) over the next five years with 219.4 million units shipping in 2020, Zesium continues to contribute to the worldwide theme collection for wearable items.

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