Champion Bet is a well established brand for over 10 years and they’ve been operating through web apps when they approached Zesium. 

Victoria Champion Bet aimed to rebuild multiple apps and provide cutting-edge technology for the betting platform. 

Zesium was appointed to develop 5 applications with a goal to provide better user experience and introduce new features through new implemented technologies – we developed a complete solution (backend and web apps) along with implementation of multiple 3rd party systems.

The developed system has been certified by the world’s largest Sport Betting odds provider Sport Radar.



    • Develop applications for business and individual users (B2B and B2C) 


    • Make the platform available for multiple markets/countries


    • Make it fast and stable due to a lot of live data influx 


    • Enable system roles for easier access control 


    • Facilitate the overview process for administrators


    • Improve user experience



    • Both B2B and B2C applications – a fully functional sports betting platform enabling users to place their bets on matches, slots and virtual games.


    • We integrated seamlessly over twenty (20) 3rd party service providers, including casino, virtual sports, payment and SMS providers as well as sports betting data provider like BetRadar, making it operational across multiple countries. The system is highly configurable, which makes it easy to adapt it for different markets.


    • The app was made stable and scalable for the influx of thousands of messages which affect various parts of the system continually. 


    • The system contains different roles for easier access control allowing fine tuning for each role related to the access control. The communication was facilitated between players, administrators, 3rd parties as well as financial and state control institutions and certification bodies.


    • A Back Office app enables administrators to gain insights into each user of the system along with the configurable privilege scheme.   


    • The overall user experience was greatly improved – the app allows users check their ticket history, to deposit and withdraw money via multiple methods. Users can watch live streams and results for multiple sports. A Cashier app was developed for users where they can create tickets inside of shops and choose from multiple financial transactions as well as reporting.



We are proud we had a chance to take part in the industry which is on the rise – from a technical point of view, this was a challenging project thus we applied the highest degree of QA testing being manual and automatic testing plans, API and UI automatic tests as well as stress and live tests on production.


Champion Bet, along with the rest of apps, has reached its final goal: to increase the number of users and to provide a new level of experience in the very competitive market.

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