Due to Zesium high quality expertise, we were given a chance to work on a highly challenging and innovative project brought to us by our partner Nielsen Innovate from Israel.



Who Speaks is an innovative Android application allowing users to analyze voice frequencies and recognize the number of speakers/voices in the room – we proudly supported a new R&D project related to the voice recognition and voice processing technology.


  • ability to register as many voice frequencies in one location


  • ability to recognize different voice frequencies and mark different speakers


  • collect the data and analyze the information


  • show graphical redistribution of specific speakers in real time



  • Zesium created an innovative algorithm able to recognize voices at one place and make the communication between Android UI and backend side (RESTful services) possible.


  • Application is able to recognize how many people are there in the room, based on their voice frequencies, and subsequently recognize and mark each speaker at the place. The User Interface (UI) is able to name different speakers in the room, distinguish them and mark their voice each time they speak.


  • The Who Speaks mobile application is able to collect, analyze and segment specific sequences directly from the raw data based on certain parameters from the algorithm.


  • Successful challenge solution of graphical redistribution of specific speakers who participate in the conversation and ability to recognize their involvement and voices in real time.


The Who Speaks application has has an incredible potential to be developed further in the future, as speech recognition is a hot topic not just in IT world, but also in other fields such as neural networks, healthcare, education, military and everyday life.


This was a significant project for Zesium, as it gave an opportunity to our developers to expand their knowledge in the field of voice recognition and to successfully deliver Who Speaks project.

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