A task management solution to plan and organize yourselves via tasks in a playful way, for all ages and that can be used for private and business purposes.

One Traffic

OT is Waze-like mobile navigation app providing travelers with road traffic info – main goal is communication among aII traffic participants.

ApParking Spot

ApParkingSpot is a web/mobile app (Android/iOS) helping drivers to find, book and pay for (private) parking in urban area quickly.

Digital Vision Webshop / 3G Store

Digital Vision eCommerce mobile applications enable quick and easy purchase and improved customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Bravo Majstore Delmax

Bravo Majstore mobile eCommerce application improve purchase process offers more personalized customer services.


AfterParty is a social app for people to connect – it allows users to meet new people, share the unforgettable moments together and find interesting parties.

Selfie HotSpot

Selfie social app helps people to capture/share their moments and the spot where their selfies are taken – anyone can share their own spots, inspire others and more. is a Facer-like application enabling users to customize their smartwatch themes and match it to different smart devices.