Victoria Champion Bet

Victoria Champion Bet is the fully functional and stable sports betting application that will completely meet the users’ needs and preferences.


A task management solution to plan and organize yourselves via tasks in a playful way, for all ages and that can be used for private and business purposes.


Peštan web app monitors the usage of a Handheld device in work process and allows Admin Users to overview the entire process.


Fleaty is a logistics platform that organizes tours for users to communicate with transportation companies, drivers and material supplying facilities.

Outage Management System (OMS)

OMS app allows direct reporting from users on electric failures in distribution network so it can be detected and repaired quickly.


AfterParty is a social app for people to connect – it allows users to meet new people, share the unforgettable moments together and find interesting parties. is a Facer-like application enabling users to customize their smartwatch themes and match it to different smart devices.