Mobile apps are used by more than 67% of the world’s population and if you want to get your smartphones going, you will need mobile apps.

Due to mobile apps, our smartphones have become our extension. We conduct all sorts of activities with our smartphones, from storing personal credentials, online banking, photography to social media postings and many more.

The game-changers, when it comes to mobile apps, are productivity tools that help us organize our lives, manage our responsibilities and keep it together day after day.





In a time of pandemic where most of the world is on a lockdown, mobile apps that enhance your productivity at home are a must.

Here are some of the most efficient mobile apps you can use to boost your productivity at home:


Top Mobile Apps for Your Productivity

We are always on the move nowadays and if we wish to handle our time, schedules, emails, etc., we need management tools to help us. But these tools are not only for on the go.

Even when the world is at a standstill, you can remain productive at work with the help of the following apps:



PDF Editor


PDF is a document format that’s been around for nearly three decades but is still useful at this information age. It works with multiple apps and cross-platforms. Nowadays when typical office workers suddenly switch to remote work and students have to study from home, PDF Editor is quite handy.

Many office documents must be in PDF format for convenient access and sharing. When documents are created in .doc or .docx, they tend to change format across different devices. Saving your files in PDF keeps your document as it is and it is particularly helpful when collaborating with a remote team.

A good PDF editor can convert various file types, including Microsoft Office formats into HTML images while retaining original formatting.

To make PDF documents searchable and editable, you do need OCR technology. You can also modify content, review, and annotate your PDF editor.

Apart from Adobe Acrobat, there are other best PDF editors for your needs, especially those which work better on mobile devices than desktop computers.




Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is topnotch productivity software that comes with a mobile  app. It works well with Windows 10 and macOS for desktop devices, and Android and iOS for mobile devices.

It is helpful, especially for families that may not have multiple laptops or desktops. Parents usually use these devices for work, but if the children also need to log online for school purposes, being able to do schoolwork on mobile devices is a plus.

Students can work on their reports and projects on a mobile device and we can view, edit, and share files without switching between applications. These Microsoft 365 programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, and One Drive.

Microsoft 365 will boost your productivity.






If you have to focus on continuous and constant tasks and follow a schedule, Todoist is a developer app that allows you to set your goals per your own needs and at a certain time. You can use it to manage work, family, and even personal schedules.

Todoist is a great platform to organize and manage your activities. The intuitive interface makes Todoist simple for work and private tasks.

Task-sharing and data-sharing are also easy with Todoist – you can track your success all day and align tasks with schedules in your calendar.





Sometimes, time management tools can be time-consuming.

Calendar created an AI-powered system that learns your schedule and does the organizing and scheduling for you.

You’ll have the ability to allow anyone to choose and book a meeting time directly to your Calendar. Your Calendar will protect you from any pre-existing or conflicting meetings being scheduled at the same time. All you have to do is send them your customized personal scheduling link.

You can easily set meetings and events on your calendar that syncs across all your devices.




As work and school moved online, Zoom became the pivotal communication app during the pandemic time.

It’s an excellent app for you to stay productive and in touch with your team, for your children to stay in school and to stay connected with your friends, etc.

Zoom is a powerful app because it is a cloud-based video conferencing platform. Virtual video-conference sessions with hundreds of attendees are possible through Zoom.

Free versions provide 40 minutes of video conferencing and a limited number of participants.

Zoom will remain part of homes and offices in the future. As the world is still recovering, working from home and learning from home will be the new norm.

Zoom currently serves over 90,000 schools in over 20 countries, and daily meeting participants rose from 10 million in the past year to 200 million this 2020. Now, it has 200 million regular meeting participants.

Recently, on its free plan, Zoom has removed the 40-minute time limit for calls for K-12 schools in countries worldwide.

There has been a noticeable difference after the privacy issues were sorted out during the start of the pandemic. There are extra layers of security you must go through before entering a call, sharing a screen, and the like, which makes the app more secure and keeps hackers and eavesdroppers out.






Canva makes blogs, websites, and posts come alive with graphics and designs that anyone can do quickly and easily, even without a design background.

In the time where the world seems at a standstill, we can learn a new skill, like writing a blog or learn how to edit videos, or learn how to use Canva.

Canva has gained popularity among remote workers and freelancers. Even administrative roles today require multiple skills and talents that can compete in a highly digital work environment.

Canva is one of those in-demand tools that would delight employers seeking multitaskers and more tech-savvy remote workers.






Losing files is probably one of the most discouraging things that can happen to anyone, especially related to business. To avoid this, you need to have the right apps to secure your files and back up your data.

While hard drives are secure, you cannot rely on them too much. Damage, theft, and other physical issues may cause physical drives and servers to get corrupted, destroyed, or malfunction, leading to data loss.

You need to have cloud-based solutions for your files to make them more secure without losing ease of access.

OneDrive can be a secure space for automatic cloud file backup. You can access documents and data anywhere, and whenever you go offline. While hard drives are secure, you can’t rely on it too much.

OneDrive can serve as a reliable space for automated cloud backup of your files. You can access documents and files anywhere and whenever you go offline.



AVG Antivirus with VPN Protection (Free and Premium)


AVG Antivirus is an online tool free for downloading. It prevents viruses, spyware, and other malware from accessing your device. It can block unsafe connections, downloads, and email attachments and can check performance issues with your computer as well as provide real-time security alerts.

Updating AVG Internet Security extends the much-needed protection to an unlimited number of devices. It contains features like Enhanced Firewall to keep the hackers at bay, secure online transactions,  automatically detect fake websites for secure payments, immediate spam blocking, avoid phishing emails and other scams. It also includes unlimited Antivirus PRO for your Android devices. It also has 24/7 customer support with chat assistants.

Add AVG Secure VPN to your security protection. It’s a surefire tool to provide free and secure online experience so you can access geo-restricted content worldwide at high speeds.




There are so many online tools available for every need you may have which you can customize to optimize your or your team’s efficiency.

It is possible to find order in a potentially chaotic scenario if you use the right productivity tools.

So even if you are at home trying to manage so many things while adapting to a worldwide pandemic, choose tools like these mobile apps that can help you do your tasks easier and quicker.

Once you’ve explored the mobile apps and found them useful, you can upgrade to a premium version to unlock all of its features and enhance your productivity even more.

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