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Industries & Solutions:

Our rich experience extends across diverse industries

Ecommerce solutions

eCommerce (retail/consumer goods)

Finance and trading Zesium

Finance & Trading


Smart city Zesium

Smart city & Transportation (urban mobility)

Smart manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing & services

Social media netwrok market Zesium

Social Network Market

Native apps - Sports betting Zesium

Sport Betting

ERP system - Logistics and supp chain Zesium

Supply chain & Logistics

Hospitality and tourism - software systems Zesium

Tourism & Hospitality

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Technology stack we cover

We support development of custom-tailored solutions using technologies of native mobile apps (Android/iOS), web apps and server-side software systems, ERP systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


We are Agile and able to adjust our development process per your specific requirements.

Mobile Apps

Server side & Business Logics

API Gateway Control

Communication Protocol Algorithms

Monolith & Microservices Architecture

Docker & Cloud deployment

Hardware Interconnection

AI & Machine Learning

How we do it

The Concept

Phase 1



Understand project requirements and assess the feasibility of the potential project.

Project proposal

The Preparation

Phase 2



Establish mutual understanding of the project’s execution and define detailed project specification.

Project ready

The Development

Phase 3



Design software architecture; Continuous development and testing; SCRUM or Kanban.

Test ready

The Testing

Phase 4



1st Acceptance Testing.




2nd Acceptance Testing

Market ready


Phase 5



Support and maintenance activities.

Final Product

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